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Restore your skin's balance. Personalized treatments address your unique skin care concerns, from aging to dryness, sensitivity and oiliness. Treatments include customized product formulations, massage techniques and rituals to restore balance to your skin and improve your skin's healing properties.5,000 years of results our earliest roots lie in Ayurveda, the Indian healing tradition based on the knowledge of life and the interconnectedness of all things.  

The Quickie Facial 

Does your skin need a quick pick me up? Not sure what to do about your ongoing skin concerns? The Quickie Facial is a mini run through where you can talk to an esthetician about your skin goals and get fresh fast with a quick facial and skin care advice. No need to get changed for this mini facial either! Relax in our spa beds fully clothed for a fast and convenient in and out service. 

$30 30min

Tulasara Facial 

Dry, oily, aging, uneven, sensitive, or acneic skin concerns will be addressed with this customized treatment to optimize balance and show visible results. 

$55 30min 

$100 60min

ADD Vitamin C Brightening $25 

Ultra hydrating and nourishing treatment, with a 10% concentration of stabilized vitamin C, brightens the skin, improves circulation and stimulates collagen. The result: beautiful, glowing skin! 

ADD Plant Peel $25 

Botanical facial mask actively smoothes skin and improves its texture with the instant exfoliation and beneficial properties of a 30% glycolic peel, without the usual redness and irritation

ADD Eye Treatment $15 

Helps to minimize dark circles and puffiness while improving and energizing the skin around the eyes. The result is a luminous and bright look. 

Dual Exfoliation Facial Power Peel 

$110 60min 

Clinically proven to provide better results than a combined Microdermabrasion and 30% Glycolic peel. This treatment delivers immediate visible results in improved skin texture, clarity and radiance, smoothed appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and refined pore size. 

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