Cool, Calm, and Cleansed

Today we are going to get right to it. This blog is all about Dermalogica cleansers, and finding which one could work for you! I’m going to get into the nitty gritty with our cleansers and talk about it all, textures, ingredients, everything. Let jump in.


Pre Cleanse is the ultimate tool for removing stubborn makeup and preparing your skin to be properly cleansed. That’s right, you should technically cleanse your skin twice. The first cleanse to remove dirt, oil and makeup. And the second cleanse to prepare your skin, and create a clean foundation for the next products to be absorbed. 

  • Texture is an oil that feels silky smooth when you emulsify it with water
  • Removes dirt, oil, and makeup effectively


This is an amazing cleanser for all skin types, especially oily. Gel cleansers are generally designed for an oily skin type but as someone with dry skin, I also love this cleanser. It gives me that squeaky-clean feeling I am looking for without drying my skin. It also has Aloe Vera that calms and soothes the skin. Remember a little bit goes a long way!

Good for all skin types, especially oily!


This cleanser has a two in one purpose, it cleanses and exfoliates. It is from the Age Smart line, so it’s all about targeting aging concerns. It is a cream texture that contains lactic acid, which will brighten and help smooth and retexturizes your skin while keeping it hydrated. This cleanser can sometimes be a bit much for someone with sensitive skin, so we always recommend doing a patch test.

Good for aging skin types, dry skin types, and pigmentation!


Clear start is a wonderful line created for teens. This cleanser foams and suds up perfectly so those teens can give their skin the good clean it needs. It is designed for oily or acneic skin. It contains salicylic acid which exfoliates, targets oil production and clears impacted pores. Tea Tree calms and soothes! The price point is also FANTASTIC! 

Great for teens with acne and oily skin types!


This is a cream based cleanser that is creamy and hydrating. It cleanses your skin and removes makeup without compromising your skins moisture levels. It contains a BioReplenish Complex which protects barrier lipids, making this cleanser ideal for dry and dehydrated skin.

Good for dry and dehydrated skin types!


Okay so, being a dry skin type I don’t use this cleanser. But if I could, I would! 1) It smells amazing! Balm mint and Tea tree help with breakouts and oil production, as well as provide the most invigorating aroma. 2) It also gives you that squeaky-clean feeling. It lathers and foams nicely, so it’s perfect for oily skin types with breakouts.

Good for acneic skin or oily skin types!


The most gentle cleanser (I think) exists! This cleanser is for even the most sensitive skin types. It cleanses the skin without stripping the skin. The consistency of this cleanser is a gel-cream, which glides over the skin easily. This cleanser with help calm down redness and inflammation in the skin and simultaneously hydrate as well. 

Good for sensitive skin or dry skin types!


This cleanser is pretty dreamy! It’s amazing for oily skin or someone who deals with breakouts. The clay and charcoal combo purifies and balances oily skin. The activated charcoal calms the skin but also helps with pollutants that can be harmful to the skin. 

Good for oily skin or breakouts!


Meet Dermalogica’s newest cleanser! This cleanser works great to hydrate and brighten the skin. Glycolic acid helps with pigmentation and uneven skin tone while Jojoba Seed Oil conditions the skin. 

Good for dry skin or pigmentation!