St. Tropez Spray Tan $50 or 2 for $60 (limited time offer) 

Exclusively at our Coquitlam location

The ultimate airbrush tanning system tanning system customized to your needs. Choose the classic or dark blend for your desired shade of bronzing. 

Relaxation Massage 

25min BACK $45

55min FULL BODY $85

Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, plus improves circulation and range of movement.

Hot Stone Therapy 

40min BACK $85

55min FULL BODY $110

We’ll have to peel you off the bed after this warming, tension melting massage. Your muscles don’t stand a chance when heated stones combined with Swedish massage techniques take your body to bliss. 


45min BACK $60

90min FULL BODY $110

Reveals baby soft skin with an invigorating body scrub, then indulge in a full body relaxation massage.

Registered Massage Therapy

25 min $70

40 min $90 

55 min $120 

85 min $170 (unavailable for pregnancy) 

Exclusively at Burnaby Metropolis East location

An intense solution for stubborn muscle pain and chronic tension. No Doctor referral needed. Please refer to your Extended Health Care provider for coverage. We do not treat ICBC or WCB related claims. Direct billing is unavailable. 

Reiki Session $80

Exclusively with Eileen at Pitt Meadows location

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality. The name translates literally into "Universal Energy". A reiki practitioner becomes a conduit for this energy, also known as life force energy or prana through stages of training. Life force energy is the energy that balances our Chakras, of which there are 7 main Chakras. They run perpendicular to our spine and are energy centers responsible for both our physical and emotional well-being. A reiki session can help the recipient to gain more balance by experiencing a deep meditative state during the balancing of the Chakra system and "awakes" feeling a deep sense of peace and relaxation. The body and emotions are then able to work together to heal the individual through this balanced state. Dress comfortably for your Reiki session, you stay fully clothed so it\'s best you are in something cozy.