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F  I  N  A  L  L  Y

n e w   e c c o t i q u e   s w a g   i s   h e r e  

OUT with the o l d / IN with the n e w 

Since 1984, when The Megahair Family was founded, we have always used plastic retail bags. Up until this year 2020, we now will O N L Y carry our beautifully made woven reusable bags.

Why reusable? "It's time that we do more to reduce waste. Environmental sustainability has always been important to us. Before, we had plastic bags that were made of vegetables & were biodegradable, since transitioning away from biodegradable bags we have been on the hunt for a reusable bag that would suit our guests needs to reuse for all types of uses;  accurate bag size and durability and not come at a high cost for them to purchase." - Amy Matter [Director of Development & Communications] 

What are the bags made of? The bags are made of a non woven fibre that is recyclable and naturally decompose making them eco friendly. They are also water resistance! 

How much are they? $1.00!

Be sure to pop in or shop at your local Eccotique and grab your bag to make your shopping experience not only at Eccotique, but everywhere, e a s i e r .

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w a t c h   t h i s   v i d e o   t o   l e a r n   m o r e   a b o u t   o u r   s t o r y   h e r e 


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