Is Your Skin Dry or Dehydrated


Did you know your skin can be dry and dehydrated? Did you know your skin could be oily and dehydrated? It can also be sensitive. It can also be dry with sensitization. Seems a little crazy right? Well it’s not! There is a huge difference between dryness and dehydration and it all starts with your genetic make up.


Your skin type is something you are born with and it is largely determined by genetics. It is primarily based on pore size and oil secretion but can also play a part in understanding why your skin may be more sensitive or reactive. The larger your pore size and oil secretion, the more oily of a skin type you are. If your skin is dry, it will have smaller pores and less oil secretion. The main skin types are dry, oily and sensitive.

There are pro’s and con’s to both skin types. Oily skin can have its challenges when you are a teenager because you have a higher chance of breakouts and acne. These types of breakouts can look more like congestion on drier skin types as the sebum gets trapped under small pores. Oily skin tends to age better because it has a better natural lubrication system.

Skin condition is something that can happen in your skin due to a number of different things. Your skin condition is essentially what is happening in your skin at the current time. Examples of skin conditions are dehydration, aging, hyper pigmentation, breakouts and sensitivity.

DEHYDRATION = Lack of Water

DRYNESS = Lack of Oil

You need both of these things for your skin to be balanced, like food and water. This is why it’s important to have both! This means it is also important for oily skin to maintain optimal hydration levels. If this skin becomes dehydrated it may decide to produce more oil, cause breakouts or can become sensitized.

Water is important for tour skin’s natural moisture and defence barrier. When this barrier is dehydrated it becomes compromised and does not function properly. If it does not protect us properly, there can be many affects such as dehydration, aging and damage due to sun exposure. Having a hydrated and healthy barrier is also important for your skin to absorb the nutrients of the ingredients in your skin care.