Review: Kerastase Blond Absolu!

Review: Kerastase Blond Absolu!

At Eccotique we always make sure that we have the newest trends on hand! From top of the line hair products to the newest and most advanced skin care - we have them all at the tip of your fingers. In saying that, we are so excited to tell you about our newest launch from one of our favorite brands, Kerastase!

Introducing the first ever purple shampoo in the line...

K E R A S T A S E    B L O N D    A B S O L U

An ultra-violet hair care system with neutralizing and bonding properties. A new line to preserve the look of every blonde! Whether you have golden, ash, honey or even platinum hair maintain and perfect your hair care regimen with this amazing new line! 

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B l o n d A b s o l u
consists of:

Gabby from our downtown location tries the new line on her blonde hair and provides us with a full review from how it smells to how it feels and everything else in between... 

Are you ready for what she has to say about it!? We asked her a few questions...

Q: How was the texture and feel of your hair before using the Kerastase Blond Absolu and how was it afterwards?
G A B B Y :
My hair felt quite rough and was lacking a ton of moisture! After using the new products from Blond Absolu my hair felt like the total opposite. It was soft, silky and instantly felt stronger! I was super impressed. 

Q: What made this purple shampoo stand out compared to the other shampoos you have tried before?
G A B B Y :
"The main thing for me was that after I blow dried and styled my hair it felt as if I just received an in salon treatment. This shampoo is definitely not drying at all compared to my previous purple shampoo... in fact my hair felt the softest it has ever been in a really long time!!"

Q: What do you have to say overall about the new Kerastase line? 
G A B B Y : 
"If youre concerned about the integrity of your hair after bleaching or over processing this whole line is for you! It will without a doubt keep the tone of your hair vibrant and bright. All while keeping your hair strong and super hydrated. Your new hair care regimen starts with Kerastase Blond Absolu!"

W h a t O t h e r s A r e S a y i n g . . .  

"My favorite product from the line would hands down have to be the Blond Absolu Masque. Its a violet masque that stays on the hair for 10 minutes and I find that doing that gives me the best results for the beige blonde that I am looking for! It gets rid of just enough unwanted tones without excessively drying out the hair." 
- Diane 

"I love the ultra violet shampoo - i love this because it cancels out all the brassiness in my hair and gives it the right amount of hydration!" 
- Shauna 

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