Morning skincare is essential, make-up is a choice

Morning skincare is essential, make-up is a choice

Start your morning off right by prepping your skin for the day ahead. Great skin starts with great skin care and a proper routine. So without further adieu, continue reading as I let you in on my favorite morning skincare products that keep me glowing all day long!




I used to be the biggest morning person. Key words: "used to be". Now I try and squeeze out as much sleep as I can. Good thing I have perfected my out-of-bed to out-of-the-door routine in world record time. With lazier mornings then others, I have to admit that sometimes I do skip cleansing in the morning. Especially on those mornings where I wake up with a glowing face - no sense in ruining it. Not to fret, as long as you have cleansed properly the night before (which you should NEVER skip), your not doing any harm to your skin. When I do cleanse, I like to use something lightweight that won't dry out my skin or make it feel tight. That's why I always reach for Dermalogica's Essential Cleansing Solution. I love this cleanser in the morning because of its rich, creamy formula that keeps my skin conditioned all day long. Probably not the best for oily skin, but it gently lifts impurities while replenishing your skin and maintaining proper moisture levels. If you need something less conditioning, then Special Cleansing Gel is your solution!




Toning is my go to each and every morning. Whether I cleanse my face or not, I ALWAYS use my toner. My go to? Dermalogica's Multi-Active Toner. It is the perfect amount of moisture and conditioning. This light facial toner conditions your skin and prepares it for proper moisture absorption for any products you use after it. The perfect product to use when prepping you skin in the morning, prepping before make up, or even spritzed on your face throughout the day to refresh and revive makeup!




I always put on my morning serum directly after my toner. Like stated above, your toner allows your skin to maximize absorption of products you layer on afterwards. Glo Skin Beauty's Daily Power C+ is my favorite skincare product I use in the morning. It visibly transforms my skins clarity. This powerful antioxidant serum provides daily anti-pollution and environmental protection while helping strengthen and brighten the skin. If you don't already use a vitamin c serum in the morning, I highly suggest you start. Once I started using it, it has changed my skin forever! After the Daily Power C+, I follow it with Glo Skin Beauty's Daily Hydration+. Daily Hydration+ instantly rejuvenates and nourishes skin with an intense dose of weightless hydration. This hyaluronic acid serum smoothes and refines the skins surface while preventing dehydration and water-loss. In my opinion, hyaluronic acid and vitamin c are some of the most important ingredients you should be feeding you skin. Invest in the best! 



Eye Cream

Don't you wish your eye cream hides the fact that you've been tired since 2009. Not exactly that extreme, but Dermalogica's Stress Positive Eye Lift is the closest you're going to get to erasing those puffy, dark circles. This active, cooling cream-gel masque energizes skin to reduce visible signs of stress. The high performance formula minimizes the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, increases skin luminosity, lifts the eye area, and helps restore skin barrier integrity. What doesn't it do?! Quick tip: Apply lightly OVER make-up for extra luminosity, or use an an in-flight pick-me-up for those tired eyes (travelling never looked so good). 




Finally lets talk moisturizer. Depending on the day, sometimes I don't need to moisturize after my vitamin c/hyaluronic acid goodness (like during the summer, for example). However, on those days where I feel extra dry, flaky, or just want that extra dew in my life, I reach for Glo Skin Beauty's Antioxidant Defense Day Cream. This lightweight cream glides on skin and absorbs quickly, providing environmental protection to shield against damage and prevent aging. Designed for delicate, sensitive skin, added antioxidants and conditioners gently soften and smooth to help preserve a youthful glow. It is one of my favorite moisturizers to use when I go sans makeup or as a primer before applying my make-up. Super versatile, PLUS it has SPF so it protects your skin from UVA/UVB rays (always a must for a daytime moisturizer)! Dermalogica's Calm Water Gel is also my most recent go-to product. This weightless water-gel moisturizer hydrates dry, sensitive skin. The refreshing gel formula transforms into a skin-quenching fluid upon application, forming a weightless barrier against environmental assault. It also contains one of my favorite things, HYALURONIC ACID, which works in the layers of your skin to increase and lock in moisture. Say hello to perfect dewy skin!



My morning skincare routine is definitely a lot less maintenance then my night time but is still a super important step to continue having glowing, healthy skin.

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