CALLING ALL PRODUCT JUNKIES! Enjoy a (tingly, zingy, chilly) scalp refresh.

CALLING ALL PRODUCT JUNKIES! Enjoy a (tingly, zingy, chilly) scalp refresh.

We cannot wait to get our hands on Bumble and bumble's new product, Scalp Detox! This fizzing, detoxifying foam renews your scalp and is sure to be your next favorite product (product junkies, we're talking to you)!
Styling addiction is real, but so is build-up. Scalps need love, too. A clean scalp is the foundation of chic styling. It can literally make your 'do. But when your scalp is overloaded with product buildup, oils, and impurities - it can cause lackluster locks that fall flat and won't hold styles.  Whether your scalp is dry, oily, normal, or overloaded with dry shampoo, this icy cleansing treatment instantly removes oil and buildup with a blast of invigorating micro-bubbles. 

 Bumble and bumble. Scalp Detox

Thankfully, Bumble and bumble invented Scalp Detox. This cooling, fizzing foam removes buildup on contact - with a mix of Micellar Water (to cleanse), Salicylic Acid (to remove pore-clogging debris), and Panthenol (to prevent dry-out). Apply this to your scalp weekly to refresh overworked scalps - or just enjoy the zillions of tingly micro-bubbles!

Scalp Detox is perfect for: dry shampoo obsessives; wet shampoo avoiders; chronic co-washers; oily, dry, or ignored scalps; all hair types; and anyone who enjoys a good tingle. It is sure to make you feel ahhh-some!



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