<center>Quick + Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Quick + Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Always scrambling before a holiday party wondering what to do with your hair??? Check out these styles and must have products that will make your last minute styles that much e a s i e r. 


1. All down, glamorous curls

This look is incredibly chic and elegant, will dress up any outfit guaranteed. This style is super attainable in just a couple steps. First, prepping the hair to hold that curl. *See below for product recommendations* Apply a holding spray throughout the hair prior to blow drying for height&hold. Second, Blow drying the hair 75% dry upside down, and then the remaining 25% with a round brush section by section. Doing this will reduce frizz, give desired height and direction. Third, When preparing the hair for curls, take sections starting from the nape/neckline and work your way towards the part line curling the hair all one direction. Doing so will create an "S" wave pattern as you use a wide tooth comb to gently brush the curls through. FINALLY, set your curls with your favorite hairspray and tuck one side behind the ear to show off those gorgeous earrings. 






2. Simple Top Knot

This style is probably my favorite, because whether your hair is clean or dirty this style is do-able and SO customizable. Most holiday parties are after work, which leaves you almost no time to go home shower...blow dry...and style your hair..all while taking care of kids and setting up for the sitter am i right?! So mamas, this style might be your best friend. If you hair is clean: this style is easily attainable if your hair is clean and straight or even clean and curly. Simply throw some dry texture spray throughout the mids and ends and toss up in a pony tail at your desired height. If your hair is dirty: Usually when I do this style my hair is dirty. It works best because there is more product in my hair which leaves my hair feeling more textured and 'gritty' making it easier to work with! Feel free to pull some pieces down to frame your face. Now is a good time to show off those post-partum hairs that have been driving you bonkers ;) Remember the higher the pony tail, the more d r a m a t i c. Then with a comb, or bristle brush backcomb the ends of your ponytail to create even more texture.. I know it sounds cringy, but doing this creates the top knot of your dreams. Finally, start wrapping the hair around base of your pony tail + pin down as you wrap. Have fun with the shape whether you prefer it to be big and poofy, or sleek and tight.

3. Messy Up-Do

This style is a bit more advanced, yet still do able with just a couple steps. Prepping your curls in the morning before work (or after you've warmed up your coffee 3 times in between feeding your kids breakfast....lol) will help cut the time in half! Most of the work, is infact the prep work. Don't be overwhelmed with this style... lets break it down. TIP: Always start an up-do or style with dry texture spray and a little backcombing for height. Once your happy with the volume throughout the top, then we can start the style. you can N E V E R have enough texture. First, start by sectioning out all the hair from behind the ear and forward, leaving the back larger section down. Second, Starting from one side twist the hair away the from face until you reach the end of your section with 1 inch remaining. Spray that section with hairspray and begin to pull apart using your opposite hand gently. This loosens your twist creating volume within, making it appear thicker. Once your satisfied with the twist pull that section back and pin as if you were to style it half up/half down. Repeat on the opposite side. Whats great is you can leave it half up/half down like so, or continue to twist, pull apart + pin the remaining sections of your hair! If you continue with the other sections and want everything styled up: Take small to medium sections + twist and pin as if you were doing small top knots underneath the sections you pinned previously. Voi-LA! The beautiful thing about a messy up do, is there is absolutely no S T R U C T U R E. Have fun, and get pinning!

Products to achieve longer lasting hair

1. P R E P / Thickening Spray : generously spraying this product throughout your hair before you blow dry, will change your hair game, FOR SURE. This is a setting spray for moderate hold, and an amplified look.
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2. T E X T U R E / Dry Shampoo and Dry Texture Spray. Applying dry shampoo fresh after blow drying or after curling your hair, not only starts absorbing that oil right away, but it allows your roots to always feel and look fresh throughout the evening. The dry texture spray is something you will apply root to end! This product is designed to create separation throughout and enhance the body or give extra body to your hair. This holiday pack by Bumble and bumble is super handy to fit into that small clutch you picked out for the holiday parties!
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3. Bb Strong Hairspray
A high-performance aerosol hairspray that provides a strong, firm hold with a modern, brushable finish. This formula leaves no buildup or flakes behind.
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