Skincare cocktailing: How to shake things up with your skin care

Skincare cocktailing: How to shake things up with your skin care

I must say, at 27 I am loving my skin care routine. I feel like I know what is working for me and what isn’t. I have a pretty good idea on what my hero products are and how to use them. But then I had a thought: How can I keep using my products, but enhance their benefits without adding more products to my routine? As a skin care therapist, we are constantly thinking about how to give you the most out of your treatment. The answer to this is usually mixology. Now don’t get it twisted, I can’t fix you up a Moscow mule to help you with your dehydration (which would in fact cause more dehydration). But I do know how to mix up and layer product for the perfect skin care cocktail which will maximize your results and even save time!


Why should I layer and mix my products? Why the hack not?


  • In a world filled with “hacks” on time saving, everyone could use a tip or two on how to save time. Mixing products in your skin care will help you save time without compromising your complexion.


  • You can address multiple areas of concerns when you are mixing or layering products together. As we all know you can have more than one skin concern occurring at a time. When you layer and mix, you have a better opportunity to address all your skin care concerns.


  • Two for one just sounds better doesn’t it? You can get multiple benefits from just using one product!






Double cleansing your skin is one of the most important parts of a skin routine. A clean skin will absorb product better and maximize the benefits of your ingredients. But let’s be real, it can get boring fast and at the end of the night I just want to get to bed! So, skincare or snooze? Both!


Precleanse + chosen cleanser:

We usually recommend cleansing your skin with Precleanse and following with a cleanser, however this takes time that we don’t all have. A great tip is to go ahead and mix a pump of Precleanse into your hands and add your chosen cleanser. Give it a little mix in your hand then apply to face and emulsify.



Special Cleansing Gel + Daily Microfoliant:

This time saver trick is amazing and will change your life! Mixing these two hero products will give you a daily power cleanse without compromising your time. This combo is gentle enough to do every day. Dispense special cleansing gel into your palm and mix Daily Microfoliant into it. Apply to face, emulsify with water for the perfect cleanse and exfoliation. Avoid eye area if you are mixing daily Microfoliant into your cleanser.




I know what you’re thinking, it’s what everyone thinks. Is my toner actually doing something? Your toner helps balance pH, helps tone, refresh and hydrate your skin. Giving your skin a spritz of toner daily is great but this product isn’t always used to its full potential… until now.


Antioxidant Hydramist + pretty much anything:

This toner is already amazing. It is filled with antioxidants that help hydrate, fight signs of aging and protect against free radical damage. Adding it into your cleanser to emulsify it instead of water is a great way to enhance the performance of your cleanser. I also loving using it in place of water when I am using Daily Microfoliant!


Aveda hydrating treatment lotion + Aveda radiant skin refiner:

This “like a toner” treatment is one of my favorite products. It is filled with humectants to help hydrate your skin. I use it every single day because my skin is dehydrated and dry! In our treatments, we mix the refiner with our beautifying composition oil to enhance the benefits and hydrate your skin. But after mixing my Daily Microfoliant with a toner, I wanted to try something different with my Aveda refiner… and it was magical. After giving yourself a quick exfoliation with the refiner, pour some hydrating treatment lotion into your hands to emulsify the refiner. It basically “reactivates” the exfoliant so you can give your skin that extra scrub.




Multimasking is a term that I love. A mask is a targeted treatment. Masks are usually packed full of powerhouse ingredients such as humectants, antioxidants… the list goes on. But a mask is generally designed for a specific skin concern such as aging, dehydration, oil production or breakouts. Well as one of the many people who have multiple concerns with my skin, I want to be able to address those concerns at the same time. This is where multi masking comes into play.


Aveda deep cleansing clay masque + Aveda intensive hydrating mask:

These two go together like peanut butter and jelly. Great on their own, but together they tick the boxes for me. I apply deep cleansing clay masque to my T-zone as it gets oilier. It helps reduce oil and minimize breakouts. I apply intensive hydrating mask on everywhere else to target my dryness and dehydration. There’s no need to choose a skin concern when you can address both!


There you have it, skin care cocktails. There are so many combinations to choose from but the best part is, you don’t have to choose which ingredients will benefit your routine without compromising your time. Whether its vitamins A, C and E or kaolin clay, you can have it all. Speaking of vitamin C… mimosas are high in antioxidants, right? Cheers!