Top 5 HAIR 'must haves' this season!

Top 5 HAIR 'must haves' this season!

The holidays are officially in full swing! With that being said, things are different this year. This, I think, gives us all the more reason to treat ourselves and our loved ones. Here are my top 5 products! I must say, they make awesome gifts. Or, come shop with us on Boxing Day for some great savings!


This product is both a leave-in treatment and a heat protectant. So, you can use it if you let your hair air dry or if you use heat on your hair. It being a leave-in leaves your hair incredibly soft and the heat protectant protects your hair from the damages of heat tools.
It contains Iris Royal Complexe which nourishes and protects. As well as Iris Rhizome Extract, this protects against dryness-inducing oxidation. The Royal Jelly replenishes the hair leaving it oh so shiny and replenishes dry hair on the surface. It’s amazing to add to your daily hair routine because it leaves your hair much more manageable with increased shine and smoothness. 

This is the ultimate hair oil! It promotes anti frizz and heat protection. It also acts as a hair mist perfume. The four oils it contains are Maize oil, Argan oil, Camellia oil and Pracaxi oil. This combination controls all the frizz, split ends and it too leaves your hair smooth and shiny. This isn’t like regular oil that leaves your hair feeling greasy and weighed down. You only need a couple drops and your hair will be silky with a weightless shine and smell unreal!

The L’Huile Rose is specifically for colored hair. It smoothes it out and adds shine to dull, dry hair. This contains the Oleo complex which has regenerative and antioxidant properties. The Imperial Tea goes deep into the hair so the true depth of the color comes out. It has a soft floral scent to it that lasts up to 24 hours! The Camellia oil and Marula oil nourishes colored hair and gives it all the shine! It provides frizz control in 80% humidity and protects from heat up to 230 degrees. 

    This is the ultimate texturizing spray and the smell is to die for! This texture spray is uber flexible; in particular, it leaves you with touchable texture, separation and movement. You can run your fingers through your hair without it feeling sticky or tacky.

    It’s lightweight, enhances elasticity and suppleness and protects against environmental stressors. Not only that but it’s helps condition and strengthen the hair. The key ingredient to make that happen is Ginger Root Extract. This also helps combat brittle and dry hair. Another amazing ingredient is Vegetable Glycerin, this helps protect against moisture loss. This product is sulphate, paraben and cruelty free. 
      This is another amazing multifunction leave-in product. It’s hydrating, shine and helps detangling. This product softens the hair and controls frizz as well. It also works as an antioxidant, and not only that but it to is a heat protectant!
      You can use this product on freshly washed hair or on dry hair as a finishing product. If you use it on wet hair, apply around 10 sprays and proceed with styling. If you choose to use it on dry hair, evenly distribute it in your hands and run through your mids and ends. This is great if your hair is dehydrated. 

      A lightweight AND moisturizing product? Who would have thought! The shampoo has a gel like texture while the conditioner has a creamy texture. It’s great for dehydrated hair as it gives it strong hydration. This duo is bound to give you incredible shine. If you have dry and dehydrated hair the conditioner is a must! It is designed to untangle the hair and hydrate it. 

      All Davines products contain natural active ingredients. These products were obtained with 100% clean energy. As well as zero impact, essential and recyclable packaging. 

      Bedroom hair is the perfect “I didn’t try too hard” product. Spray it in and it will leave your hair looking tousled, effortless and perfectly messy. As Kevin Murphy says, “this is the one product that screams I just woke up looking this good” ☺