Tulasara Facial: The Best Facial You’ll Ever Have

Tulasara Facial: The Best Facial You’ll Ever Have

We are so excited to have recently launched our newest service, the Tulasara Facial by Aveda, across our salons and spas – and we can't wait for you to try this wonderful experience. Why should you have a Tulasara Facial? Read on for all the juicy details.

Facial and Massage

Most facials focus only on the face and neck. and while some may offer a facial or scalp massage, very few actually put a focus on the body as well. With the Tulasara Facial, you will get to choose a focus area – like your shoulders and neck – to massage out your stress points while brightening your complexion.

Dry Brushing

Tulasara facial dry brushing

The Tulasara Facial involves a dry brushing technique, which is probably unlike anything you've ever experienced, but brings a sense of calm and satisfaction to your facial. This dry brushing technique removes dry skin cells and stimulates blood flow. Although this brush is very soft, it offers wonderful results.

Drain Toxins

tulasara facial

The Tulasara Facial is more than just cosmetic, and when combined with the special techniques used by our specialists and the dry brushing as explained above, potentially damaging or problematic toxins will be drained from your pores as well as the deeper layers of your skin.

A Customized Experience

No two facials should be the same, because everyone's skin is difference and requires a unique level of attention. With a Tulasara Facial, you will have the opportunity to discuss your skin-related concerns with your specialist, who will then customize your facial based on your unique needs. You will also get to choose your preferred scent with a sensory exploration.

Customer Testimonial

We had Alexa in as a guest to try our new Tulasara Facial, and here's what she had to say:
"I chose the new Tulasara Facial by Aveda at Eccotique Spa, which turned out to be the most effective, interesting, and satisfying facial I’ve ever had. I found myself more relaxed and immediately more radiant after the customized facial; the specialist pinpointed my exact needs just by asking me a few questions, and soon had my dermis buffed and glowing, ridding my skin of the buildup that had occurred over the lax-exfoliation months of summer."
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