Daymaker Day


Daymaker Day started for us in 2002 and continues to be one of our favorites days of the year. We were inspired by a movement..... and it went like this,

Be a Daymaker and create a movement.

How can you change the world simply by making someone else’s day. In making someone's day, you end up making your own. 

We know as estheticians and hair stylists that we can make a difference. Daily we make connections with people, care for their needs, make them feel amazing and listen to their stories.

Annually every April, we visit Ronald McDonald House, BC Children’s Hospital and Sunnyhill, providing hair cuts, chair massages, nail services, face painting, hair care samples and fun activities for the families staying and visiting for treatment. As well as the nurses and caregivers.  Our mission in doing so is to provide the smallest escape for the families and allow them to enjoy some relaxation during a time when they do not put their hair cut and self care first.

The connections we make with the families during our visit make such an impact on our team and we remember our conversations and stories for many years.

We recently extended our Daymaker movement by participating in the Ronald McDonald dinner program. In the fall of each year our team donates money and purchases food to cook a dinner for the families staying at the house.

If you would like to volunteer for the Daymaker movement please contact us below.