Air Dry Your Hair With The Right Products

Air Dry Your Hair With The Right Products

 With the sun all in its full glory I cannot bear to think the amount of heat damage our hair is getting. And yes, aside from our straightening irons and curling irons the sun rays can do a number on our hair believe it or not. If you're anything like me and use heat tools almost every day then you understand where I'm coming from. This time around I've been trying out some products that can help lessen my use of hot tools but still give me the look I'm going for! My most favorite out of the three that I will mention, is the Bumble and Bumble Styling Leave In Cream. Don't forget to watch the video above to see how I styled my hair into soft waves aka the perfect summer look using the styling leave in cream from Bb. 

Let's get into each of the products and why they would be amazing for your summer hair care routine this year. 
Bumble and bumble. Styling Leave In Cream 
Since we're talking about the leave in cream from Bb. lets just dive into how amazing this product is. Compared to other leave in creams that feel crunchy or sticky on the hair, this one seems to do the trick for soft summery waves that are hydrated and moisturized all at the same time. For a softer look you can put this on 80% dry hair, twist in and let dry. For a more defined wave leave on damp hair overnight, twist into buns or a braid and take out the next morning! That's my current favorite way of using this product. But trust me, you will fall in love. Did I mention this stuff also smells amazing!? Bonus!
Bumble and Bumble. Don't Blow It Styler (Medium-Thick Hair)
Okay yes... all three products will be from Bb. but hey! If they work, they work right? Air dried hair is definitely having its moment right now and I am totally all about it. After years and years of coloring and bleaching my hair, products like these save the day! Give your hair enhanced texture and body without all the nasty heat! This baby gets applied on just like the styling leave in cream above. Specified for medium to thick hair, apply a small amount onto damp hair, twist or just let it air-dry! If you dare, add on the bb. styling leave in cream on top for frizz free, enhanced and textured waves!

Bumble and Bumble. Don't Blow It Styler (Fine Hair)
This beaut is similar to the one above, just specified for fine hair! 
Save those locks and give your hair a little heat rest! Don't forget that you can shop online or in-store! 
Danica Resurreccion

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