Be good to your health at Eccotique

Today I am writing you the most important blog I have written so far. I say this because as an esthetician and educator, this part of our job (though small) is HUGE. And we highlight the importance of this in our training, salon and spa. What am I being dramatic about? Oh nothing, just our primary concern, your health and safety.

COVID has made us all rethink most of our sanitization. And here at Eccotique, we were (a little nervous) but ready for the challenge ahead. The cleanliness of our spa’s and salons has always been important to us. Yes, we’ve added masks, social distancing and hand sanitizer but today we’re going to get into the nitty gritty of the spa, and how we (continue to) keep things clean!

We change the linens after each guest! Listen, not my personal fave because this results in mountains of laundry (Thanks for folding Jess) but we do it because we love you. In all seriousness, as basic as this seems it’s not something that happens everywhere. This is just one of the things we have always done throughout our locations.

We sanitize and sterilize our pedicure bowls after each guest. We do not have jets in our stainless-steel tubs because there is no way to effectively sanitize or sterilize that. After your pedicure service, we scrub the tub with antibacterial soap and water, and then fill it with water adding a cup and a quarter of bleach. We leave it for 20 mins. We have always added extra time to clean up and sterilize after this service to keep your feet pedicure perfect every time!

Speaking of pedicure perfect, how to we keep those callus’ at bay in the safest way? Disposable grit pads of course. We have a stainless-steel foot file that we attach a single use grit pad to. That way we can dispose of the grit pad and sterilize the stainless-steel handle! Pretty cool, pretty clean!

How do we sterilize that foot file? After each guest, we scrub the implements with antibacterial soap and water, pat them dry and spray them with a solution called Pre Empt RTU which is bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and tuberculocidal. Leave it wet for 3 mins and pat dry, and onto the next Peep Toe!

In addition to these, we sanitize the service areas between guests as well. Many of the items we use are single use, and if they are not, they are sanitized or sterilized in between. When I became an esthetician, I didn’t realize that cleaning was such a big part of it. We are either providing service or cleaning something, but it’s the only way we can do things! We have always wanted you to feel safe with us, and we continue to work hard in our practices to keep things clean. We thank you for your continued support and trust in us to keep you looking great and feeling safe.