Build Your Skincare Routine with Dermalogica!

Build Your Skincare Routine with Dermalogica!

Scrolling through the website and trying to find the right products for a whole skincare regimen can be seriously intimidating - I can get a little frantic searching for the right products as well so I know how that feels! If you're in your 20's I have a question for you - Are you suffering from breakouts and oiliness or are you getting a head start on your anti-aging skin journey? Now if you're past your 20's... what are you suffering from? Aging skin? Adult acne? 
Whatever age you are, I am here to suggest fantastic products from Dermalogica to create a whole new skin care routine!


S p e c i a l C l e a n s i n g G e l:

If you're in your 20's this product will work wonders. This soap-free, foaming gel is amazing for all skin types as it gently washes away impurities without stripping or drying the skin. With calming agents like Balm Mint and Lavender, you are left with a clean and smooth finish. Also perfect for using after long nights out as it will wash away all make-up especially around the eye area.

S k i n R e s u r f a c i n g C l e a n s e r:

This cleanser will help retexturize aging skin so if you're in your 30's or above this one is for you! Achieve smooth, ultra-clean skin with this highly-active, two-in-one cleanser and exfoliant. Lactic Acid concentrate helps retexturize skin suffering from visible signs of aging by removing dull surface debris and helping to accelerate skin cell turnover. Amazing!



I n t e n s i v e M o i s t u r e B a l a n c e: 

 This moisturizer is designed to reduce those signs of aging! So even if you're in your 20's its honestly never too early to start caring for signs of aging. Containing vitamin A, which increases skin’s elasticity (love it) and vitamins C and E to help fight off free radicals! This can be used nightly and daily if needed. 

S k i n S m o o t h i n g C r e a m:

Dermalogica's current best-selling moisturizer features state-of-the-art Active HydraMesh Technology™ to infuse the skin with 48 hours of continuous hydration and help protect against environmental stress. A dynamic Hyaluronic Acid Complex with Mallow, Cucumber and Arnica distributes hydration throughout the skin, helping to lock in moisture for lasting hydration. Also formulated with naturally-antioxidant Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Love!



M u l t i A c t i v e T o n e r:

This light facial toner spray hydrates and refreshes the skin (which is probably the best feeling to use during the summer time!) Help condition the skin and prepare for proper moisture absorption when you spritz over skin after cleansing! Refreshing facial spritz hydrates while smoothing the surface with moisture-binding humectants. This is one of our current favorites at the moment! 

A n t i o x i d a n t H y d r a m i s t:

This beaut is a refreshing antioxidant toner that helps firm and hydrate! Convenient mist-on formula supplements skin’s protective barrier by creating an active antioxidant shield to help fight free radical damage, and help prevent the signs of aging. A simple product that does the job! 

So whatever age you are, I hope that you found this blog to be informative and that you are ready to take on a whole new skincare regimen! Happy Dermalogica shopping and don't forget to be good to yourself! 

 Take a peak below as Arianna shows us why she loves Dermalogica products...