Easy Summer Hairstyles!

Easy Summer Hairstyles!

Warm weather, sun shining bright early in the AM and cocktails on the patio. Sounds like a good start to Summer doesn't it? But let us not forget that Summer also means sweating, humidity and crazy heatwaves especially here in Vancouver. If it's too hot, we complain. If it's too cold... we also complain - go figures. But that's aside the point in today's blog! Sweating and cute hair does not mix well together so trying out a new style like bangs is definitely a no go. I think we'll all need a little inspo here for some cute and easy hairstyles that you can create on the go during the warmer days. 

Below are some of my favourite inspiration pictures taken from the web. I will also recommend products from our store so you can create a dupe in your own style.
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Naturally curly haired babes - this one is for you. You already have amazing texture to work with. Just pop on some Bumble and Bumble. Curl Defining Creme, find some barrettes or even bobby pins and recreate this awesome look. Hair is out of the face and you're still looking cute even with a little sweat! 

Boxer braids are a classic summer hairstyle I would have to say. Wear it classic or even give it your own little twist. To get this look you would need the MoroccanOil Hydrating Style Cream and to finish it off, the Kerastase Laque Couture Hairspray! Don't know how to braid? Let us do the work for you. Click h e r e to book an hair appointment! 

Some days you just gotta work with what you've got. Already oily and maybe a little sweaty on the scalp? No need to be embarrassed, just embrace it! Create your own version of this sleek and shiny look. A style that is definitely Hollywood approved and super achievable at home. Tuck your hair behind the ears like shown above and sleek away, sleek it out in a ponytail or even in a topknot bun! This screams fancy dinner in the streets of downtown, no? Use Bumble and Bumble. Styling Creme and Kevin Murphy Session Spray.

.Topknots, buns, pineapple buns... whatever you want to call it and however you want to style it - we love all variations! This look is super easy to create and definitely wins for getting hair away from the face on a hot sunny day. I mean if you sweat, it'll kind of blend in with the sleek look right? It's a classic look that can be styled in so many different ways. Perfect for the beach or even a girls night out in the town! Try Bumble and Bumble. Semi Sumowax. 

Style your hair, grab your cocktail and enjoy the sun! 

Happy Styling! 

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