Call of Beauty – Modern Skincare

Call of Beauty – Modern Skincare

Despite the myths, there is nothing nicer than a guy who takes care of his skin. But did you know that 56% of men do not think they need a skin care routine. Well I hate to break it to you boys, but you do. These 4 in 1 body wash, face wash, hair wash, car wash products don’t cut it and aren’t exactly what your wife had in mind when she asked you to start multi-tasking. But why is skin care important and what do you really need? Let’s break it down!


You’ve heard us say it before… “men have it so easy”. And I admit, when I was doing research for this blog, I was thinking the same thing. It seems like after puberty, men get off pretty scotch free when it comes to pimples and wrinkles. Males tend to have a natural advantage in the skin department for the following reasons:

  • Hormonal differences; rises in testosterone stimulates activity in the oil glands. Oil keeps their skin hydrated and youthful looking. Men actually have more sebaceous glands then women.
  • Men have thicker skin! (No really, they do). About 25% thicker in fact. This is because they need more support because of facial hair.
  • Men have higher collagen and elastin levels than women. 

Sounds pretty great, right? I thought so too until I got into the deep underbelly of skin care concerns that pretty much exclusively effect men. This mostly boils down to testosterone and facial hair growth. Testosterone increases oil production in the sebaceous glands. This means larger pores and shinier skin. Increased oil production also means the amount and the frequency of breakouts is also higher. Because men have more sebaceous glands, acne and breakouts tend to be on the face, neck and back. Shaving is a way of rapidly exfoliating the face. It removes the upper layer of dead skin cells which exposes more “sensitive” skin that can be more affected by environmental stressors. It can also cause razor bumps or folliculitis and ingrown hairs. These can also cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Keeping a beard can also cause specific skin concerns such as beard acne which makes beard maintenance even tougher.

Men’s skin is also much more affected by environmental aggressors. Though they naturally have a stronger skin, they tend to be subjected to the harsh elements and pollution more often. So ladies... lets get the conversation with our men! Here we go..  

Okay so I don’t have a 4 in 1 skin care product that takes care of everything but I have 4 skin care products that I know can lead to 1 desirable result, healthy skin! Lets dive into some Dermalogica for my dudes.

A skin care routine is a great way to keep your skin looking healthy and happy. As a skin therapist, it’s important for me to tell men that it’s okay to look after your skin and we are here to help. If you look good you will most likely feel good and who doesn’t want that? Your skin cares about skin care, and chances are so does your future girlfriend!