Holiday is Here!

Holiday is Here!

With the Holiday’s quickly approaching I wanted to offer you some gift ideas. In times like these it’s so very important to shop local but also to get some bang for your buck! Saving when possible is always ideal! We have Holiday Packs for everyone at Eccotique and I’m here to break them down for you. 

Keep in mind, we do offer online shopping and curb side pick-up at select locations: Downtown locations, Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam & Guildford


Kerastase Lumiere $107.25

1x Bain Limiere 250 ml
1x Fondant Cicaflash 250ml
1x Fluid Miracle 250ml

For all the blondes out there! The Bain Lumiere is sure to illuminate your color. All three products contain Hyaluronic Acid which promotes all the hydration and combining it will edelweiss flower prevent damage and pollution from redepositing on fiber. The Cicaflash is a lavender milky gel that restores sensitized hair and deeply nourishes. It restores the hair fiber and prevents breakage. When these 2 are combined it leaves the hair 92% more hydrated and 8X visibly shinier. The Cicaplasme leave-in provides heat protection and frizz control. It leaves your hair 97% stronger and the UV filters protect lightened hair from daily oxidation and sun exposure. 

Ultra Violet $107.25

1x Bain Ultra-Violet 250 ml
1x Fondant Cicaflash 250ml
1x Fluid Miracle 250ml

Another box just for you blondes! The Bain Ultra-Violet is a purple shampoo that neutralizes yellow undertones and brassiness. It’s also formulated with Hyaluronic acid and edelweiss to promote hydration and protection. It leaves the hair 94% stronger when paired with cicaflash and repairs the surface of the hair fiber up to 46%. As for the Cicaflash and Cicaplasme, read about the Lumiere box to find out more! 
Chromatique $113.25

1x Bain Chromatique 250 ml
1x Fondant Chromatique 200ml
1x Fluide 150ml

The pack for anybody who colors their hair! The Bain Chromatique and Fondant Chromatique are a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner that illuminates colored hair. They are infused with zinc and Vitamin E which protect and maintain color. The Rice Bran Oil nourishes the hair fiber to emphasize light refraction. The Fluide is a shine spray that also contains UV Filters, Vitamin E and Rice Bran Oil. The oils are there to contain the frizz. It also helps protect and prolong color for up to 40 days!


Discipline $107.25

1x Bain Fluidealiste 250ml
1x Fondant Fluidealiste 200ml
1x Keratine Thermique 150ml

Do you have frizzy, unruly hair? The Bain Fluidealiste and Fondant Fluidealiste are meant for you! They are both designed with anti frizz properties that will smooth out your hair. They restore flexibility and protects against humidity. Also, they are infused with Keratin to tame all the frizz! The Thermique is a blow dry cream with anti frizz and anti humidity properties. It protects against heat up to 180 degrees. It contains amino acids for fiber replenishment and Ceramide R for fiber fortification. 

Extenstioniste $107.25

1x Bain Extentioniste 250 ml
1x Fondant Extentioniste 200ml
1x Thermique 151ml

Who doesn’t want long, healthy locks? The Bain Extentioniste and Fondant Extentioniste strengthens your hair while it grows it, no more breakage for you! It increases elasticity and rebuilds natural strength. The Taurine, an amino acid promotes a healthy scalp. These products provide shine from lengths to ends. The Thermique being a blow dry cream, protects against heat up to 230 degrees and is designed to seal lengths and split ends. 


Genesis $107.25

1x Bain Genesis-1 250 ml
1x Fondant Genesis 250ml
1x Fluide 150ml

Say bye bye to breakage! The newest line from Kerastase is here. The Bain Genesis-1 and Fondant Genesis are for anti-hair fall for weakened hair. They reinforce the fibre which in turn reduces the risk of hair fall. It contains edelweiss native cells and Ginger Root to strengthen. Your hair will be more resistant, hydrated and soft. When using this combination it bodifies and plumps the hair fibre. The Gensis Fluide is a milky anti breakage formula that will rid you of frizz and won’t weigh down the hair. It protects against heat, damage, split ends and breakage. Again, the Edelweiss native cells support fibers for intense resilience and the Ginger Root protects against daily external aggressors. 

Nutritive $107.25
1x Bain Satin-1 250 ml
1x Lait Vital 200ml
1x Nectar Thermique 150ml
Let’s restore your dry hair! The Bain Satin-1 and Lait Vital should do the trick. They contain iris rhizome extract which protects against oxidation and conditioning polymer enhances nutrition to fragile areas. The lipid agent boosts nutritive performance and optimizes shine. The Nectar Thermique is my absolute favourite. It’s a leave-in heat protectant for normal to dry hair. The Iris Rhizome Extract protects against dryness-inducing oxidation and the royal jelly replenishes the surface of the dry hair. It promotes intense smoothness and shine. 

Resistance $107.25

1x Bain de Force Architecte 250ml
1x Ciment Anti-Usure 200ml
1x Ciment Thermique 150ml

Got brittle hair? The Bain Force Architecte and Ciment anti-usure are Keratin infused shampoo and conditioner. These are specially formulated for damaged hair. It helps it and rebuilds it to protect against future damage. The keratin rebuilds the hair while the Ceramides strengthen. The Resurrection Sap is well known for its regenerating powers. The Ciment Thermique is another blow dry cream and damaged hair treatment. It’s a heat protectant and contains Vita-Ciment which strengthens and Vita-Topseal which recreates external protective layer!

Baby Angel $71.81

29% savings

x1 Angel.Wash Shampoo 250ml

x1 Angel.Rinse Conditioner 250ml

x1 Staying.Alive Leave-in Treatment 150ml

 Fine, over stressed, coloured hair? The Angel wash and rinse will be a game changer! These products give you all the volume while maximizing color longevity and protects against free radicals. The angel wash and rinse are filled with antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils plus all Kevin Murphy products are sulphate, paraben and cruelty free! The staying alive leave in treatment is a weightless mist that repairs damage and promotes elasticity while detangling. It helps seal the cuticle and fights off frizz! This product is filled with amazing antioxidants and vitamins such as Hedera Helix Leaf Extract and Cetraria Islandica Extract to add shine and strengthen your hair, to name a few. 

Blushing Bedroom $91.81
savings 28%

x1 PLUMPING.WASH shampoo 250ml

x1 PLUMPING.RINSE conditioner 250ml

x1 BEDROOM.HAIR texture spray 235ml 

If you’re looking to increase the density of your hair this is for you! The plumping wash and rinse restores thickness, boosts volume and increases shine for soft silky hair. It protects and strengthens the hair from root to ends. Your hair is bound to feel thicker! This is ideal for both fine or aging hair. It contains shea butter to moisturize your hair as well as aloe vera leaf extract, acai berry extract and bamboo extract to pack your hair full of vitamins promoting nourishment, shine and restore sheen! The bedroom hair texture spray is my all time favourite texturizer. It’s a lightweight finishing spray that adds both texture and protection. It helps protect against environmental stressors and contains ginger root extract to help strengthen and condition the hair. 

Fresh Blonde $82.72
29% savings 

x1 BLONDE.ANGEL Wash 250ml 

x1 BLONDE.ANGEL Treatment 150ml 

x1 FRESH.HAIR Dry Shampoo 250ml 

Listen up, blondes! The blonde angel wash eliminates all those brassy tones! It will illuminate your dull color and restore shine and brightness. It helps maintain all those “cooler” tones and prevents color-stripping. It contains jojoba seed oil to deliver hydration and soothe both hair and scalp. The blonde angel treatment conditions bleached, highlighted and grey hair. It is sure to repair any brassy or yellow tones. It contains Bertholletia Excelsa seed oil which is rich in omega fatty acids. This will fight frizz and protect hair which in turn will reduce breakage.
The fresh hair dry shampoo freshens and deodorises your hair while soaking up any excess dirt and oil. It contains Citrus Recticulata Peel Oil (tangerine) to give a fabulous smell AND protects your hair against stressors. 

Shine Bright $71.81
42% savings

x1 HYDRATE.ME Wash 250ml

x1 HYDRATE.ME Rinse 250ml

x1 YOUNG.AGAIN Treatment 100ml 

Dull, dry hair? We got you covered! The hydrate me wash and rinse is uber hydrating and moisturizing. Filled with antioxidants and nourishing oils to give your hair some bounce back. It contains Vitamin A to smooth the appearance of the hair shaft and increase elasticity and Shea butter to deliver moisture. Evening Primrose oil is used to hydrate and soften the hair. The young again treatment is a weightless oil that promotes elasticity and increase shine (carthamus tinctorius seed oil and citrus lemon peel oil). It adds moisture (camellia sinensis leaf extract) and nourishes the hair. This is ideal for dry, damaged or brittle hair. 


 Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Sleek Chic $40
35% savings
x1 HIO Primer 250ml
x1 HIO Shampoo 60ml
x1 Conditioner 60ml
x1 Mask 15ml Sachet 
This pack contains Bumbles best selling line, The Hairdressers Invisible Oil for dry hair. It has a blend of 6 iconic featherweight oils, coconut oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil and safflower seed oil. It’s amazing for all hair types and since the pack comes with all the mini’s this is a fantastic opportunity to try it out!  
Thickening High-Volume Hair $40
38% savings
x1 Thickening Dryspun 150ml
x1 Thickening Volume Shampoo 60ml
x1 Thickening Volume Conditioner 60ml 
If you’re looking for volume, this is the pack for you. The shampoo and conditioner is great for body building, volume and thickening the hair! The Dry Spun is my favourite texturizing spray for giving the hair all the texture it needs after volumizing the hair. The bigger the hair the better!

What a smoothie! $84
25% savings
x1 LOVE smoothing shampoo 250ml 
x1 LOVE smoothing conditioner 250ml
x1 OI All-in-one Milk 135ml 
If you have frizzy, unruly or curly hair, this pack is for you! The shampoo formula mimic’s a soft and creamy foam that cleanses frizzy hair and the conditioner moisturizes and restores elasticity as well as gets rid of the frizz and makes hair oh so shiny! The Oi all-in-one leave in spray softens, detangles, controls frizz AND is a heat protectant. 

What bright colours! $84
25% savings
MINU/ shampoo 250ml
MINU/ conditioner 250ml 
OI All-in-one milk 135ml 
Anyone that colors their hair MUST try this pack! The coloured hair shampoo is a rich and full body foam that cleanses and protects colour and gives your hair so much shine. The lightweight conditioner illuminates and protects color and untangles the hair. Again, the Oi all-in-one is a multi-purpose leave in that targets frizz while detangling and protecting against heat.

What an extraordinary experience! $102.50
25% savings
x1 Oi shampoo 280ml
x1 Oi conditioner 250ml 
x1 Oi oil 135ml 
This pack is for everybody! The milky smooth shampoo is for all hair types. It contains roucou oil for soft shine volume and a lasting scent. 
The rich and buttery conditioner offers soft shine and body. While the Oi Oil is a weightless, multi function oil that not only gives you the softness and shine everybody longs for but detangles and fights frizz! This is ideal for coarse or dry hair. 

What an extraordinary journey! $43
25% Savings
Oi shampoo 90ml
Oi conditioner 75ml
All in one milk 50ml 
This contains everything that the “What an extraordinary experience!” Pack has except smaller! This is perfect for the person who wants to try something new without a big commitment!

What Nourishing Horizons! $92.50
25% savings
x1 NOUNOU shampoo 250ml
x1 NOUNOU conditioner 250ml
x1 Liquid Spell Bodyifying Fluid 125ml 
If you have bleached, permed or relaxed hair, this pack will be a dream! The shampoo is meant for bleached, permed or relaxed hair. It cleanses, deeply nourishes and hydrates. While the conditioner moisturizes, softens and nourishes while detangling and giving your hair some body. The Liquid Spell is and excellent option for sensitized or fine hair. It strengthens and compacts hair structure with vitality and body. You’ll have the healthy, silky and shiny hair you’ve always dreamed of with this pack!


What a passion for curls! $77.50
25% savings
x1 LOVE curl shampoo 250ml
x1 LOVE curl conditioner 250ml
This is a Curl Building Serum 250ml 
Curly hair friends! This pack is for you! The creamy shampoo gives elasticity to curly or wavy hair. It enhances volume and shine without compromising texture. The conditioner enhances your natural curl. It’s soft and light while supplementing you with all the volume. The curl building serum creates defined bouncy curls, elasticity and shine. At the same time it blocks out frizz and humidity. 

While the times we’re in are unpredictable we strongly encourage online shopping! We’ve even implemented an in-store pick up option.

The Christmas pack bounce back offer! This means when you purchase a Christmas pack online you receive a free Kerastase Fusio Dose or K Water add on with the purchase of a salon service. This means you can come in for ANY salon service and receive one of these treatments for FREE! 

check our our k water treatment below

All the Holiday packs have killer savings! Up to 30% to be exact! Which means in some packs you’re getting a product for free! There only here until the end of the holidays so take advantage of this offer while you can!