<center>CALLING ALL BABES! Re-Think Pollution

CALLING ALL BABES! Re-Think Pollution

Have you ever thought about the effects that pollution has on our skin?

Pollution refers to the gases or particles released by human activity. Did you know some particles are small enough to be trapped and clog our pores? All pollution cause free radical damage to the skin causing;

  • enlarged pores
  • uneven, dull complexion
  • sensitivity, redness-prone skin
  • brown spots
  • breakouts
  • compromise skin function
  • uncomfortable dry & itchy skin

 Main types of Pollution


Land pollution is the destruction of the earths land surfaces done by human activity. Examples; solid waste, pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, and deforestation. 


Water pollution is the contamination of water in oceans, lakes and rivers. Examples; oil spills, oxygen depleting, toxic materials and much more. Water pollution disrupts and kills the organisms that depend on these bodies of water.


Air pollution is when harmful substances including gases, particles, and biological molecules are released into the atmosphere. Both human activity and natural processes can generate air pollution. Examples; forest fires, volcanoes, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide.


Light pollution is the excessive use of artificial lights, in a way that results in the brightening of night skies, disrupting natural cycles and activities of wildlife. 

Air Pollution and Our Skin

There is clear scientific evidence that skin barrier function and skin hydration are among the most immediate and significant threats air pollution imposes on our skin. The effects of pollution are real and overtime will only worsen. Skin and overall health can be protected by a high antioxidant diet, supplements, properly cleansed skin, and using products with ingredients specifically tested against the most common toxins in pollution.

How to Protect Yourself

There is no certain way to fully protect yourself from pollution. However certain measures can be taken to live and take care of your skin safely. Here are some protective measures to consider...

  • High anti-oxidant diet: Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals, unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to but not limited to environmental threats. Examples of free radical sources; exercise, cigarette smoke, environmental pollutants and radiation.
  • SPF: This layer of protection on the skin not only acts as a barrier on the skin against polluting factors, but prevents harmful chemicals penetrating deep into the skin
  • Hydrate: Drinking plenty of water helps the skin detox which flushes out toxins, giving your skin essential anti-oxidants. Hydrating your body prevents dehydration in your skin. Dehydration effects the skin and causes wrinkles, flaking, sensitivity, and redness.
  • Cleanse: Cleansing the skin removes impurities and debris on the skin helping the skin remain clean and fresh
  • Exfoliate: Exfoliating the skin is crucial in your skin care routine. This step removes a barrier of dead skin cells that clog pores and helps cell turnover. 


Products we recommend to prevent pollution and free radical damage

Bio-lumin C Serum: A high-performance Vitamin C serum that works with skin’s own defenses to brighten and firm. Advanced bio-technology fuses ultra-stable Vitamin C and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, helping to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Exfoliates and reduces unbalanced pigmentation
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prevents and corrects free radical damage.

Daily Superfoliant: This highly-active resurfacer delivers your smoothest skin ever, and helps fight the biochemical and environmental triggers known to accelerate skin aging. The advanced powder formula activates upon contact with water, releasing powerful enzymes, skin-smoothing alpha hydroxy acids and anti-pollution technology.


  • Resurfaces and deep cleanses for your smoothest skin ever
  • Adsorbs environmental pollutants and helps detoxify pores
  • Helps fight pollution triggers that lead to premature skin aging.

Phyto-Replenish Oil: This feather-light treatment oil rapidly absorbs to reinforce the skin’s protective barrier. Wear it alone or layered under foundation for all-day dewy skin. Next-generation formula takes a three-phase approach to replenishing protective lipids that are depleted by aging and environmental stress. 


  • Strengthens the skin's natural barrier
  • Hydrates to help smooth the appearance of fine lines
  • Shields skin against free radical damage

Prisma Protect: Light-activated multitasking moisturizer provides broad spectrum defense while preventing future signs of skin damage. Intelligent drone technology is activated by visible light to help boost skin’s natural luminosity. Breakthrough antioxidant technology helps protect skin against pollution.


  • Defend against UV rays, free radical damage and pollution
  • Hydrate for visibly smooth skin all day long
  • Boost skin’s natural luminosity

Precleanse: Deep-cleansing oil melts impurities and make-up from skin.Achieve ultra clean and healthy-looking skin with the Double Cleanse regimen that begins with PreCleanse. Thoroughly melt away layers of excess sebum (oil), sunscreen, waterproof makeup, environmental pollutants and residual products that build up on skin throughout the day with skin fortifying Borage Seed, Kukui and Apricot oils.


  • Removes oils without clogging pores
  • Conditioning essential fatty acids nourish skin
  • Enables Cleanser to work more efficiently



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