<center>Three Quick And Effortless Styles For The Gym!

Three Quick And Effortless Styles For The Gym!

It's time to start embracing the gym glow aka s w e a t and learning how to look extremely glam while holding those weights girlfriend! How you might ask? Easy! Creating hair styles that'll keep your hair out of your face and in tact by the end of your workout... 
Let's get into three different hair styles and what products to use to recreate your own version! Products mentioned are from Kerastase and Bumble and bumble.

c  l  i  c  k  t  o  s  h  o  p  b  e  l  o  w 

1. Sleek High Pony - great for long hair // all hair types

Why It's Great For The G y m:
This is great to keep the hair away from the face (obviously!) while looking super chic at the same time. What's so versatile about this look is that you can wear it to the office right after your gym session... heck yes! Just spray a little hairspray to tame down extra flyaways and you're ready to slay the rest of your day!

Products To R e c r e a t e The Look: 

2. Boxer Braids - great for all hair lengths // all hair types

Why It's Great For The G y m:
Boxer braids will make you the coolest looking gal in the gym. I mean the Kardashians wear it to the gym, so why can't you right!? The obvious... it gets your hair away from the face and stays in place during your whole workout unlike any other braid styles. You will need little to no touch up after your workout with this one, so its amazing for those who are always on the go.

Products To R e c r e a t e The Look:

 3. Space Buns - Great for all hair lengths // all hair types

Why It's Great For The G y m: 
Aside from this look being so on trend these space buns will move along with you as you're running on the treadmill, doing some squats or even just a little yoga - these buns ain't going nowhere! It's a super cute look and can 100% be worn for errands after your workout. 

Products To R e c r e a t e The Look:

Let's kick 2020 in the ass and get to work! 

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