<center>Repairing Damaged Skin

Repairing Damaged Skin

As we age, lets be real... we've all noticed one (or a few) spots on our face that need assistance. Spots from sun damage, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, or just a shift in texture because who even knows why. If you struggle with any of these conditions then 'niacinamide' is the go to ingredient for you. Let's break it down...  

What is it? Niacinamide is a form of B-3 and water-soluble vitamin that can reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation, smoothes out your skin texture, brightens your skin and diminishes dullness. It’s an extremely versatile skin care ingredient. It reduces the impacts of environmental damage and works to repair past damage. Alternatively, it restores the surface of your skin against dehydration, moisture loss and diminishes pore size!

6 incredible benefits of niacinamide

  1. Immunity: It helps build keratin which will keep your skin strong 
  2. Lipid Barrier: This is turn helps retain moisture
  3. Minimizes redness: It reduces inflammation which eases redness
  4. Regulates oil: This is a benefit of moisture retention, niacinamide helps regulate sebum production
  5. Protects against oxidative stress: Helps build cells within the skin that protect against environmental stresses like sunlight and pollution.
  6. Treats acne: Mainly the inflammatory kind since niacinamide reduces inflammation
Niacinamide products can come in the form of 5% or 2%. Each will have different result depending on your skin. It is suggested that the 5% is beneficial if you’re trying to minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation or sun damage spots. If you have sensitive skin its better to start with 2%. This can help ease symptoms of eczema and similar conditions. If you’re main concern is treating acne using niacinamide with other active ingredients such as copper and zinc may be beneficial

Here at Eccotique we offer some awesome services that can help you achieve your best skin like the HydraFacial and the Dermalogica Pro Peel. Watch Below!

The Dermalogica Pro Peel Power Clear is an excellent choice if you’re looking for deep exfoliation and resurfacing. This is great to smooth out the texture of your skin! It contains 3 acids, 10% mandelic acid, 2% salicylic acid and 15% malic acid. The blend targets blemishes, kills bacteria, reduces oil and minimizes post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.  

Check out my blog on Hyaluronic acid to learn all about the HydraFacial and its great benefits.

As I always say, it’s important to follow up with a good skin care regime. Here are some of my favourite products that contain niacinamide

c  l  i  c  k   t  o   s  h  o  p

Use your niacinamide product after toning but before moisturizer. That way it can better penetrate deeper into your skin. For best results use a leave-on niacinamide product opposed to one that you rinse off!