<center>One Wash For Unbelievable Hair In Under 10 Minutes

One Wash For Unbelievable Hair In Under 10 Minutes

All you need to know about transforming your hair in under 10 minutes. With Kerastase Fusio Dose and Fusio Scrub, you'll have your hair looking fabulous in no time!
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<center>Self Care 101

Self Care 101

You read the title of this blog and probably rolled your eyes thinking, "who has time for that" or thought to yourself "I don't have the budget for that" am I right? One of the many reasons I absolutely love Eccotique and the culture behind it, is because of how we make sure you are being good to yourself. Our tagline is "be good to yourself so you can be good to others" and its so t r u e. 
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<center>Hair Prep For a Red Carpet look

Hair Prep For a Red Carpet look

Did anyone else put the kids to bed and cozy up on the couch with a glass of wine and popcorn to just drool over the styles from the EMMYS?!
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<center>Beauty Sleep SECRET

Beauty Sleep SECRET

Who wouldn't want to go to sleep and wake up with perfectly nourished hair??? With this serum, you can wake up nourished, tangle free and ready to style!
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Valentine's Day Beauty Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Beauty Gift Guide

Rose petals, red foil heart balloons and endless rose chocolates - Ahhhh the sweet day of Valentines! We've listed 5 of our top beauty products to help you find that perfect gift for whoever you're shopping for on this love-filled day! 
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