<center>Hair Colour Ideas To Transition From Summer To Fall!

Hair Colour Ideas To Transition From Summer To Fall!

I have to say that the weather here in Vancouver has really switched from scorching hot to rainy and cold in a short amount of time. Am I mad about it? No I am actually loving it! And yes I am one of those people (I will take the judgement!)
The fall season has to be my favourite ever so as we transition from Summer to Fall let's take a look at 2019's hottest colours for the season. 

From bright fun colours to natural hues they are coming in hot! 

F a d e d P a s t e l

Going for a vibrant colour is amazing. But have you ever noticed that sometimes the shade looks more soft and prettier after a few washes? Well that is the exact shade celebrities and everyone else in the world is going for - Faded pastel! 

D i r t y B r u n e t t e 

Some are born with this natural hue but others crave to get this shade of brunette! This colour works with so many different looks and in my opinion looks good on everyone. It's a safe shade that never disappoints! Also... I heard brunettes have more fun?

C o o l B r u n e t t e

Similar-ish to the previous colour but more ash and cool toned AKA less red and orange hues. I think it's the perfect shade for the colder months and a nice transition if your hair is currently blonde. Slowly going to the dark side but not really, you know? 

O r a n g e / C o r a l 

I don't know about you but I have been seeing these tones of orange and coral everywhere in the city! It is such a complimenting colour when done right, on so many skin types! It's daring and fierce but I love that. Also a very fitting shade for the fall season don't you think?

I am so excited to see what colours our very own stylists can create in the salon! What is your favourite color for the fall season!? Let us know in the comments below...

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