<center>Hair Prep For a Red Carpet look

Hair Prep For a Red Carpet look

Did anyone else put the kids to bed and cozy up on the couch with a glass of wine and popcorn to just drool over the styles from the EMMYS?! Hairstyles from sleek + straight to wild + curly. Not only was I finding myself starring at the gorgeous hair styles, but wondering what product the celebrity stylist used to PREP these ladies. As a hair stylist myself, the PREP work was the most crucial and overlooked step to creating any look. Lets take a look at the red carpet looks from this year shall we???
Michelle Williams
________________How can i create these looks at home...______________

Rule No.1// Always always always PRIME. De-tangling the hair, refreshing the scalp, re-energizing those curls, or hydrating and protecting those ends...priming the hair is a crucial step. This allows the next products to absorb smoothly and fully into the hair. +Product// Bb. Prep, Bb Tonic, Bb HIO Primer, Bb Curl Primer

Rule No.2// Use a blow dry holding spray &/or mousse and ROUND BRUSH (at least the top layer) Thick hair, or fine hair...this step is also a must! Not only does this step help with volume...but static, manageability, and longevity. +Product// Bb Thickening Spray, Bb Blow dry Creme, Bb Surf Foam Spray, Aveda Texture Tonic, Kevin Murphy Body builder, Kevin Murphy Hair resport spray, Kerastase L'Incroyable Blow dry

Rule No.3// MORE TEXTURE. After you hair is dried, this is the perfect time to add some waves and throw in your favorite dry texture spray. This step also helps with static, volume, separation in your curls, and more of an amplified look. Even if your wearing a straight style, having that texture at your roots gets that lift and longevity out of your wash. +Product// Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair, Bb Dry Spun, Kerastase VIP Spray
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Chelsey Acciarresi

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