Holiday Beauty Tips: When Red and Green Aren’t Your Colours 

Holiday Beauty Tips: When Red and Green Aren’t Your Colours 

So red and green aren't your colors, but you still want to look festive for the holiday season? Well, don't worry. In the name of fashion and modernity, we have plenty of holiday beauty tips that will have you looking both fabulous and festive all at once.

Add Some Sparkle

holiday beauty tips shimmery eye makeup

Wearing red and green only works for certain people, and if you find that these colors are far from flattering on you, we recommend wearing a little sparkle instead. Look for gold, silver, or white sequins, or simply add a little sparkle to your ensemble with the right jewelry.

Beauty alternative: add a little shimmery eyeshadow to your upper lid and the inner corners of your eyes to make the pop with festivity. 

Create Loose Holiday Curls

holiday beauty tips curls

Create your holiday curls with a curling wand. Start with the use of a thermal spray, then part your hair into sections, and curl from the top, wrapping the hair around the wand. Finish with your favourite loose-hold hairspray like Bumble Does it All Styling Spray. Create a smoother finish with a drop of Moroccan Oil in your hands; rub into your hands and then work it through your curls gently, starting at the ends.  

Add a more festive flair by pinning back one side with a sparkly pin, or pulling back both side and securing with a ribbon at the back.

Go with a Natural Lip

holiday beauty tips natural lips

Red lips aren't your thing? Well, luckily, natural tones like almond and beige are in style and happen to look great on almost anyone. First, we recommend lining your lips with a natural-coloured liner, and then fill in with your favourite natural color, and blot on tissue for a more natural, matte effect. You can also go for a natural hue with a pink or peach undertone for more warmth. 

If red and green aren't your favourite, leave them behind for the holiday season and instead discover your festive look with a touch of sparkle, some loose curls, and a natural-coloured lip. Voila!