Skin Renewal for Spring: Revive with a Dermalogica Facial

Skin Renewal for Spring: Revive with a Dermalogica Facial

Is your skin feeling a little rough, uneven, or lacking that beautiful glow you so desire? Post-winter, it's common for the skin to be a little lacklustre, which makes for the perfect time (and excuse) to finally make a trip to the spa for a facial. For spring, we highly recommend a full skin renewal with a Dermalogica facial, which is one of our top sellers for a reason.

Choose Your Dermalogica Facial at Eccotique

Don't worry, the Dermalogica facial isn't a one-size-fits-all type scenario. You can select your favourite Dermalogica facial to suit your skin and personal needs, even if they vary from the typical. At Eccotique Spa and Salon, we offer three unique Dermalogical facials, each of which works wonders:


At a convenient and accessible $30, the microzones Dermalogica treatment is the perfect on-the-spot skincare solution. This treatment is less than 30 minutes for those on-the-move, and you can customize this treatment with your choice of Age Management, Blackhead Relief, Moisture Boost or Flash Exfoliation. Unlike most facials, the MicroZone focuses in on specific skin issues such as fine lines or acne, depending on your current biggest skin challenge. 

Dermalogica Treatment Facial

If you want something a little more full-coverage to get you glowing in all the right ways, consider the Dermalogica Treatment Facial. This $90 treatment is a full, relaxing 60 minutes and includes all of the facial essentials in one sitting. Your treatment will begin with a discussion with our skincare professionals, who will guide you towards customizing your facial so that it meets your current skin needs. 

IonActive Facial

Starting with Face Mapping to analyze the state of your skin to detect any dehydration, breakouts, hyperpigmentation and congestion, the IonActive Dermalogica facial is a results-driven power treatment. This $125, 60 minute treatment involves the use of highly active, concentrated ingredients and thermal activity to produce significant results, and finishes off with a nourishing mask and facial massage for the utmost of relaxation – and results!

There you have it: 3 of our top sellers, all under the wonderful Dermalogica brand that is known and loved so much, each of which is bound to make a big difference in how you look and feel as you approach the sunnier season. Make sure to stock up on that SPF!