<center>Holiday Packs (Yes, We're Already Prepping For Christmas)

Holiday Packs (Yes, We're Already Prepping For Christmas)

It's beginning to look a lot like... we need to start Christmas shopping! Believe it or not I've seen Christmas lights on houses and even decorations at some of our local stores. Personally I am obsessed with Christmas so once Halloween is done and over with, up goes the tree in my household! I don't know about you but I dread going to the mall during December - it's crazy, messy and just way too many people! Which is exactly why we're getting the show on the road here at Eccotique AKA checking off those items on your Christmas list before going insane...
(Seriously though!) 

Here's what we've got going on in-store and online
We are going to focus on...
  K E R A S T A S E 
Holiday Packs! 

 The Blond Absolu collection is probably the one we are most excited for. It provides instant fiber care and immediate anti-brass action to achieve ideal blonding. Blond Absolu maintains and perfects cool tones through deep ultra-violet neutralizers, hydrates the hair and fortifies the hair fiber, and illuminates hair from within. I mean, does that not sound amazing?? 

If you are someone who dreads going to your stylist for a trim, then this holiday pack needs to be on your shelves now! Skip the visit and repair your damaged hair with this collection. Extentioniste targets hair fiber from root to tip to keep it fortified while repairing split ends and breakage.

Elixir Ultime beautifying oil ritual unveils high concentration of the most precious oils for a unique, indulgent salon experience. This stuff feels amazing on the hair, smells delightful and is a great gift to yourself or someone you love! 

With the unique and expectionally rare ingredient that is abyssine, renew and restore your hair with the Chronologiste collection. I must say that the oil from this line is the most luxurious smell I have ever put on my hair. You could be smeling like a million bucks with this stuff... (we won't tell you got it discounted from our Holiday packs... *wink wink*) 

 Designed to maintain and preserve your fabulous hair color and intensity, while creating shiny and healthy hair! 

Do you have damaged hair from colouring and heat styling? And just overall not the most greatest of hair at the moment? Then no worries! We got your back with this one. Try the Resistance line that will help rebuild weak hair and damaged hair, while restoring the hair fiber! Before you know it, you'll be well on your way to luscious locks!

Hey you! With the super unruly and frizzy hair... yes you, I'm talking to you. This bad boy will define and control that mane of yours. Say no more to frizz and say hello to smoooooooth...

So the warm season can make your hair dry and I hate to say it, but so can the colder months. Your hair is transitioning itself, just like your skin so treat it extra nice before our weather here in B.C decided to go below 10 degrees... 
Restore and hydrate your hairs surface with Nutritive! 

Increase hair density with Densifique! Amazing for thinning hair, hair strengthening and an effective hair texturizer.  Includes Hyaluronic Acid and Intra-Cyclane ® which strengthens and protects which is exactly what you need! 

Well what are you waiting for!? Get to shopping and cross off that Christmas list! 
Catch you guys in the next one.