Lash Extensions dissected: Which extensions are best suited for you?

Lash Extensions dissected: Which extensions are best suited for you?

If you’re new to the world of lash extensions, the choices can be overwhelming. There’s volume, Russian volume, hybrid and classic to choose from and the brands are a whole other thing. So, what look do you want? Let’s dive in and talk about the different options we offer at Eccotique so you can start living your best lash life!


Before I jump in to the difference between our lash extension services, I want to chat quick about the products we use. We are currently using Sugarlash products. They are a Canadian company (support Canadian business’ y’all) and we love their range of products. Elite bond is the adhesive that we use which is a fast drying, strong hold glue. The lashes we use are their silk lashes, which are lightweight, fluffy and blackest black! Our lashes come in two curl options as well, C and D curl. C is a more natural curl, like your natural lashes. Now D curl, think D for dramatic. These lashes are more curled than your natural lashes to provide a luxurious and enhanced look.


Classic lashes:

Classic lashes are a “classic”. They are the OG when it comes to lash extensions. Classic lashes mean one lash extensions gets placed onto one of your natural lashes. This provides the most natural look depending on what length you get. These are simple and beautiful lash extensions that don’t add a ton of thickness, but they add length. If you have not had lash extensions and don’t know where to start, we recommend starting with classic. We recommend fills every 2 weeks! Please keep in mind that the more natural lashes you have, the fuller your lash extensions will look.


Volume lashes:

Volume lashes are a newer technique but have become insanely popular. They provide that glam makeup look without any makeup. They provide the fullness of a strip lash. Volume lashes are 2-5 lighter and thinner lashes that your technician builds into a fan and then applies onto your lashes. The fan weight is determined based on how strong your natural lashes are and how fluffy of a look you want. If you have gotten lashes before, are wanting them for vacation or enjoy a dramatic look, volume lashes are probably for you! Since we are applying so many more lashes, you usually need a fill every 3 weeks. Please keep in mind that the more natural lashes you have, the fuller your lash extensions will look.


Hybrid lashes:

Hybrid lashes are underrated in my opinion and they might be one of my all-time fave looks! Hybrid lashes are basically if volume lashes and classic lashes had a baby. In this service, we stagger and apply classic lashes to about 40% of your natural lashes. Then we apply volume fans in between to the rest of your lashes. This gives a natural but glamorous look. Anyone who wants the volume look but not so “heavy” is a great candidate for hybrid lashes. Hybrid lashes are great for those who don’t want to take the plunge into volume lashes just yet, but feel like classic is too subtle for them. We usually recommend fills every 2-3 weeks with these lashes. Please keep in mind that the more natural lashes you have, the fuller your lash extensions will look.


What is a fill?

Like most great things, lash extensions are not forever. Lash extensions fall out with your natural lash shedding cycle, as well as oils and environmental factors break down the glue bonds. You do need to maintain them with fills. Fills are essentially the removal of extensions that have grown out, and new extensions are applied.


Eyelash Extension Aftercare

In the first 24 hours after getting your lashes done:

  • Avoid having hot showers or baths, as the steam can breakdown your lash adhesive
  • Avoid wearing eye makeup after your appointment


Ongoing care tips:

  • Keep lashes clean and free of dust and debris
  • Avoid oil-based skincare products, cleansers, and makeup removers as they cause the glue to breakdown faster – use only oil-free products
  • Avoid oil-based eye makeup, particularly eyeliner. When removing eyeliner, use a cotton swab with oil-free makeup remover
  • Use care when applying eye makeup
  • Avoid applying additional mascara over your lash extensions, as this puts you at risk of losing lashes sooner than normal. Applying mascara will also clump the lashes together.
  • Do not use an eyelash curler
  • Take additional care when washing your eye area; we recommend avoiding rubbing your eyes, and instead, use cotton pads or swabs to gently remove your makeup
  • Avoid putting your face directly into the shower stream; the water pressure may result in damage to your lashes
  • Sleep on your side or back and wear an eye mask with eye cavities to avoid pressing your lashes into the pillow
  • Brush out your lashes with a mascara wand (provided by your lash technician) at least once a day in the morning, especially after getting them wet. Do this carefully without tugging your lashes
  • Keep lashes away from direct heat such as ovens and blow dryers as they can cause your lash extensions to sizzle on the ends


Lash Fills and Removal

  • If you come in for a fill please note that if more than 40% of the lashes are gone it will be considered a full set
  • Lash Fill should be done every 2-4 weeks depending on which style of lashes you have and the retention you keep
  • The average person loses about 5 lashes per day naturally during a normal lash cycle so do not be alarmed as this is normal
  • Please come in for removals, do not attempt to remove your lashes at home. It is a quick and painless procedure when done professionally and keep the integrity of your natural lashes.