Say hello to Bumble and Bumble’s Bond-Building line! This luxe, restorative line builds new bonds and strengthens strands. Whether you have heat damage, color damage or any sort of chemical damage – this line is for you. All of Bumble and Bumble’s products are cruelty free which makes it that much better. The magic of honey is that not only is it extremely nourishing but it is also reparative. It helps reverse past damage and strengthens each strand to prevent future damage by building new bonds. While it does this it also adds shine and improves the hairs elasticity. It detangles, reduces frizz and smoothes each cuticle. The honey repairs from the cortex to the cuticle!


Bond-Building Repair Shampoo

This shampoo does it all! Strengthens, de-frizz’s, improves elasticity, smoothes each strand and adds shine and hydration. It is excellent for all hair types and is color safe and free of sulphates. What makes this shampoo amazing is the Honey Bond-Building Complex. This repairs damage from the cortex to the cuticle. It’s ideal to apply at the scalp and work your way down to the mids and ends.


Bond-Building Repair Conditioner

The Repair Conditioner is also powered by the Honey Bond-Building Complex. It is detangling, smoothing, reduces frizz and is color safe! This product builds new bonds to strengthen strands and protect the hair from any future damage. Apply to the mids and ends oppose to the scalp to prevent oily roots and promote longevity of the wash.


Bond-Bullding Repair Treatment

We love a treatment! This one is best used once a week to help reverse past damage and fortifies hair fibers to help protect against future damage. At the same time it smoothes each individual cuticle to promote shiny, soft hair. The Honey Bond-Building Complex strengthens and repairs. This treatment is detangling as well as hydrating and is a great option for all hair types!


Bond-Bullding Repair Styling Cream

The ultimate multi-purpose product! While the styling cream contains the Honey Bond-Building Complex to repair and strengthen it also protects against heat up to 450 degrees. This product helps prevent breakage and split ends and reduces frizz. Alternatively, it has a light hold for any style you want to achieve and is also color safe.