Lashes speak louder than words

Lashes speak louder than words

Say goodbye to mascara, and hello to eyelash extensions this summer (or any season for that matter). Eyelash extensions are not only a time saver, but bring whole new life to your face. You get to sit back, relax (or take a nap - yes, it's that relaxing) and finish with beautiful, elongated, full lashes sans mascara.



Eccotique proudly uses Enlightened Lashes for our lash extension services, which we apply customized to your eyelash look preferences. We use a medical grade adhesive that's setting time takes only seconds and has very little fumes.
Haven't got eyelash extensions before? Well you are in for a treat. Not only will you be addicted after your first set, but the extra 15 minutes you gain every morning is priceless. These extensions are perfect for everyone because of how customizable they are. Here is a breakdown of the different versions you can choose from (which are all still customizable within each):
Classic Set


This set is the most basic of eyelash extensions. With 1 eyelash extension placed per eyelash, you elongation without it too much thickness or volume. A very natural look for somebody who does not want an overly dramatic lash. Perfect for the first time user! This beautiful set of classic lashes were done by Leah at our Langley Eccotique location!


Hybrid Set


The hybrid is a combination (aka hybrid) of a classic and volume set in one. It is a good choice for somebody who wants natural elongation but wants a thicker look. More dramatic then a classic set, but not as voluminous and bold as the volume set. Call me a sucker for a good hybrid lash. These amazing hybrid lashes were created by Amy at our Guildford location!  


Volume Set


Finally, the volume set. These lashes are the creme de la creme. With multiple extensions being placed on a single eyelash you get voluminous, bold, dramatic eyelashes to wake up with every day of the week! Definitely not for the faint of heart but worth a try once in your life. Best believe me, when you do try it - there is no going back!



You've probably heard, one time or another, that eyelash extensions can ruin your eyelashes. Well, for all you skeptics out there - that statement is true but only because of 1 reason. YOU MUST TAKE PROPER CARE OF YOUR EXTENSIONS. When thinking about get eyelash extensions, that is a important question to ask yourself: Will I take proper care of them? If you take proper care of your extensions they last longer and you protect the integrity of your natural lash.


Here is a few of our tips: 

  • We recommend not getting lash extensions wet within the first 24 hours of getting the lashes applied.
  • Do not use oily washes or face creams around your lashes - these oils will start to remove the adhesive and in turn, remove your extensions.
  • Do not sleep on your stomach. You will learn to be a side or back sleeper - and believe me when I say it's easier then you think.
  • Never use mascara on your lash extensions - DUH!
  • We suggest using the Enlightened Lashes 100% Natural Foamy Cleanser for at home care. It will not break down the adhesive and safe to use twice a day. Gently massage with fingers to wash away makeup, dirt and bacteria. That's right - you can wear makeup with eyelash extensions!
  • Do not use a cloth on your eyes or face just rinse gently off cleanser with water. Use a cleaned mascara brush and brush your damp lashes, then allow to air dry.
  • Apply the Enlightened Lashes Luxury Conditioner 2-3 times a week with a clean mascara brush, which is included when you purchase the Enlightened Lashes Luxury Conditioner. Apply from middle to ends of lashes, keeps natural lashes soft and healthy and lash extensions in place.


How often do you have to get them touched up you ask? We recommend to schedule an eyelash fill appointment every 2.5 – 3 weeks to replace lash extensions that will naturally shed with your own lashes. 



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