Lets say sorry to our hair for bleaching it into oblivion, teasing the hell out of it, and staying too long in the sun. Introducing bumble and bumble. Save the Day + While you Sleep. We've all hurt our hair and it's time to confess - we need to fix it! Read below to see why we cannot live without these products, they're a game-changer! 


Bumble Save the Day

Bumble and bumble. Save the Day Daytime Protective Repair Fluid

What doesn't this fluid do? This fluid INSTANTLY revives damaged hair. The overall appearance improves, plus your hair is left feeling fortified, stronger and less damaged - all instantly. Believe me when I say instantly. Not only does it repair and protect against further damage, but it will turn into your only hair product you'll need on a daily basis! Thanks to antioxidant-packs camelia oil and advanced hair repair technology it smoothes flyaways, damage and split ends, leaving your hair soft, hydrate and as healthy as ever!


Bumble While You Sleep

Bumble and bumble. While you Sleep Overnight Damage Repair Masque

Go to sleep with dry, damaged hair and wake up to silky, de-stressed strands by the morning! No joke. After blow drying, flat ironing, teasing, and coloring, damage is a sure thing. Blended with camellia oil and primrose, this AMAZING mask offers repair targeting past tress trauma and safe-guarding against any future damage - all while you can catch up on your beauty sleep. Split ends feel repaired and it restores your hairs healthy look and feel. Bumble's While you Sleep is the definition of getting your beauty sleep. 


These amazing new products are now available online and at all of our Eccotique locations!