Last Minute Holiday Service Gift Guide

Christmasis coming, it’s practically here! Just a few more sleeps until the big day, andalthough there’s tons of excitement, the pressure of getting those last-minutegifts can be a little distracting! Lucky for you, we’ve got some ideas.


Our guestsdo a lot of shopping for gifts in our locations all through the year. We haveso many amazing holiday packs. But another great gift idea is a gift card. Nowat the end of the day these gift cards are loaded for an amount of money whichcan be used for service or retail but here are some “package” ideas that youcan put together when you’re in location purchasing your gift card.

For the friend who’s always on their feet!

We’veall got one, the waitress or the runner. Even the friend who’s always on thego. I suggest the peep-toe pedicure and a reflexology treatment (exclusively inPitt Meadows). The peep toe pedicure is a foot treatment that has all the essentials with extra attentionpaid to callus care including a seriously softening foot scrub, moisturizingmask with hot towel wrap and relaxation foot massage. 

Pair the gift card with Aveda’s FootRelief to make it extra special!

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Aveda Foot Relief

For the person who’s short on time!

Youknow the type, no time but needs some love. How about a back massage and a30-minute facial? Back massage is a smooth, gentle, flowing massage thatpromotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, plus improvescirculation and range of movement. We have a range of 30 minute facials tochoose from, even a hydrafacial!

The low maintenance person in your life!

This one can behard. Maybe this person just isn’t the one to go out for a full spa day, butlikes to get a little something to enhance what they’ve got going on. I’mthinking a lash lift and tint with a brow shape and tint. This service doesn’trequire too much time but can make a world of difference. Lash lift is a semi-permanentlash perm that lifts and enhances your natural lashes partnered with a lasttint - one of our favorite combos!


Pair the gift card with our new Revivelash serum to make it extra special!

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Revive7 Lash & Brow Serum

Once again westill have so many wonderful gift packs in a range of prices if you’re lookingfor last minute gift ideas. We are open every day until Christmas!