My Skin Journey: Botox isn't the only answer...

My Skin Journey: Botox isn't the only answer...

My skincare journey has been tumultuous to say the least. To be honest, before I started working at Eccotique I never put much thought into what I was putting on my skin. I hate to say it but I definitely used St.Ives like it was nobodies business. When I was 19 I started getting preventative Botox, even then I still used drug store products on my skin. From 19-21 years old I was getting Botox every 4 months and for the last 2 years I get Botox once or twice a year. I wholeheartedly believe that because I maintain a solid skincare routine my skin stays youthful without fail.


When you are investing so much into your skin such as Botox, medical grade facials or other costly services it is imperative that you are following up with products that are actually good for your skin and suits your skins needs. When I first started getting these types of services I was still tanning and using drug store products. I never wore sunscreen and had no clue what the difference was between a cleanser and exfoliant. If I ever splurged on moisturizers it was when I was at Sephora and I picked what I wanted based on the packaging. My skin was so dull and I had deep lines despite my efforts with Botox and medical grade facials. I didn’t realize the harsh ingredients that were in drug store products. My skin never felt clean and often times I would end up with rashes or breakouts all over my face. It got so frustrating that I would just wash my face with water. Looking at skincare products left me feeling overwhelmed and defeated.


While working at Eccotique I quickly realized it’s all about what you’re doing at home! You can get all the Botox in the world and go for your monthly facial but if you’re not nurturing your skin at home these expensive services will not last. You are throwing your money away to put it simply. Your skincare routine does not need to be fancy or extensive. A good cleanser, exfoliant, serum and moisturizer are more than okay to start. It takes 5 minutes out of your day and you’ll actually see the positive results from these medical grade services and they will last you longer. Services and your at home routine go hand in hand.


At 21 years old I actually invested in my at home routine. I started off with a few products and made it a point to use the products twice a day. After about a month I noticed how dewy and clear my skin really was. I incorporated facials once a month about 6 months ago and I can completely see a difference in my skin. Not only am I getting less Botox and less frequently but the deep lines are gone and my skin doesn’t feel dull and dehydrated anymore. Having a skin care expert assess my skin and show me what I actually needed made all the difference. I treated my skin as if I had oily skin my whole life only to realize I actually had dry skin and I get oily in my T-zone which is completely normal! All the ladies at Eccotique are so knowledgeable and are more than happy to take a look at your skin if you’re stopping by and are interested in expanding your skincare routine!


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