We are SO excited to announce that we are carrying a new line – Dime Beauty!

It was created by Baylee and Ryan Relf. Baylee is a licensed master esthetician and wanted to create a skincare line that was for everybody no matter what phase of life their in. She realizes that each age group has different needs and challenges as well as different budgets. They created this line because they saw that there was a need for an affordable clean beauty line. Dime Beauty uses sustainable packaging and for the packaging that must contain plastic they have made sure it is recyclable and made out of recycled materials. It was important for them to be apart of the solution opposed to the problem of pollution. All products are vegan and cruelty free. Every ingredient is healthy and non-toxic. They don’t use products such as aluminum compounds, BHA, formaldehyde, mineral oil or parabens, just to name a few. Only natural fragrances are used which is excellent if you have sensitive or dry skin as well as no synthetic ingredients.

We are carrying limited amounts and we anticipate that the products are going to go quick! Here is a breakdown of the products we carry:

This serum contains a blend of amino acids and peptides to help your lashes grow long and thick! It also helps with the overall follicle health which in turn improves the life span of the follicles. Amino acids contain collagen which is the protein that makes up the hair. You’re lashes are sure to look lush with this serum!

Nobodies got time for the pesky blemishes that appear out of nowhere! These patches are easy to use and contain hydrocolloid, vitamin A, clove oil and salicylic acid. The ingredients are sure to attack the blemish from within! Vitamin A combats free radicals which sometimes turn bacteria into blemishes. Clove oil reduces swelling and redness. Finally we have salicylic acid, this dissolves skin debris that clogs the pores and also acts as an anti-inflammatory. 

The benefits to this eye serum are truly endless! It improves the appearance under the eyes by decreasing dark circles and lessens puffiness. Alternatively, it improves fine lines and wrinkles. It contains goji berry, grape seed extract, cucumber extract, apple fruit stem cell extract and peptides to make the magic happen. Squalane is used to reduce wrinkles, eliminate scars and fight free radicals. Peptides make the skin more firm by signaling cells to produce collagen. Lastly, niacinamide reduces inflammation and eases redness.

Simple and effective! This serum will deliver continuous hydration throughout the day and plump your skin right up. Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times it weight in water and is a hydrophilic humectant which gives the ultimate level of hydration. This is 100% pure hyaluronic acid and is a must to incorporate into your skincare routine. 

Filled with antioxidants and containing 20% vitamin C as well as ferulic acid, sweet orange extract, magnolia bark extract and grape seed extract. This serum boosts your natural defense to harmful stressors and free radical damage. It will leave your skin brighter, firmer and oh so supple while increasing your moisture and improving the skins elasticity. 

This anti-aging serum is to-die-for! It will restore your skin giving a youthful glow. It tightens, brightens and will decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Your skin is sure to feel soft and supple with ingredients like mandelic acid and niacinamide. It contains a PH of 3.27 which allows for chemical exfoliation getting all those fresh cells to the surface!

A light everyday moisturizer that replenishes the skin while promoting collagen in elastin growth is a win-win! Not only that but it plumps and firms the skin and keeps it hydrated while preventing signs of aging. As soon as you apply this moisturizer it improves the appearance of fine lines and increases suppleness. It contains rosehip seed oil which is used to reduce visible signs of aging and clear up any scarring. Snow mushroom holds 500 times it own weight in water which allows it to easily penetrate the skin.

This rich night time cream is bound to do you wonders! It reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles and pores and you will wake you GLOWING. Restoring dry and damaged skin is one aspect of this cream but it will also maintain soft and hydrated skin. It fights against signs of aging and contains sea buckthorn which has potent cell regenerating properties and forms new cells. Oligopeptide-1 has been shown to increase healing and renewal of the skin. It also slows the skin from thinning which in turn minimizes wrinkles. Ceramide 3 replenishes the natural lipids and restore moisture. 

This amazing cleanser detoxifies and soothes the skin while removing dirt, oil and makeup. It then hydrates and soothes the skin and softens the texture after use. It protects from stressors and uses two natural surfactants, one to deeply clean and one to soothe. The cleanser contains coconut which eliminates the tight, dry feeling post cleanse and strawberry oil to give off a yummy aroma.