Oh boy! Back to school already?

Oh boy! Back to school already?

It's that time of year again and we all know how much we dread going back to school shopping - especially for the guys. Well, we're here to help make your shopping  experience easier and a lot faster. Check out our guys must-have's for this coming school year!


1. Kevin Murphy Stimulate.Me Wash - Talk about an aromatic and invigorating experience in a bottle. Stimulate.Me Wash stimulates and refreshes your hair and scalp thanks to camphor crystals, bergamot mint and black pepper. Perfect to awaken your scalp and remove all product and build-up in your hair. This shampoo is a must-have if you haven't tried it already!
2. Bumble and bumble. Sumoclay - We're obsessed with this clay. Even though Bumble and bumble only released this clay in March, it is a stylist essential for most of their men's styles. This matte, lightweight clay gives hair texture, definition, and workable hold so you can reshape and revive your style throughout the day.
3. Aveda Men Pureformance Grooming Clay - This clay is a cult classic when it comes to styling products. Aveda Men's Grooming Clay has great, pliable hold without adding any shine. It's lightweight formula provides the control you need to create any style and is perfect for adding thickness to your hair. Don't forget about the amazing aroma's Aveda has in all of their products - this clay is rich, spicy and refreshing with citrus, spearmint, vetiver, and lavender. 
4. Dermalogica Clear Start Foaming Wash - Say goodbye to acne and breakouts. Who has time for that anyways? This face wash clears away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils that clog pores and cause breakouts. It also soothes, revives, energizes, refreshes and calms irritated skin. Never remember to wash your face? Keep it in the shower!
5. Davines This is a Medium Hold Pliable Paste - Perfect for controlling and adding hold to styles. This is a Medium Hold Pliable Paste maintains the natural shine and movement of hair, never leaving it stiff or sticky. Love a flexible, natural look for your hair? Then this is the product for you (plus it will last all day long)!
6. Kevin Murphy Night.Rider Texture Paste - If you don't know about this product then you may be living under a rock. Night.Rider provides a tough hold and a rough matte texture perfect for short or choppy looks. This paste is easy to get from the jar and sets on contact, holding your style throughout the day. One of our top selling products in the entire salon!
7. Aveda Men Pureformance Shave Cream - Don't worry, we haven't forgot about the guys with facial hair. This is the only shave cream you need- period. It preps your skin for a close, comfortable shave while protecting your skin from irritation and razor burn. Plus, it's dermatologist tested and recommended! Don't forget about it's amazing aroma containing spearmint, vetiver, and lavender. 
8. Bumble and bumble. Seaweed Shampoo - Achieve refreshingly clean hair without stripping it of its natural oils. Bb Seaweed shampoo is a daily cleanser with marine extracts for lightweight moisture. With a blend of marine seaweed, spirulina, and kelp, this shampoo helps nourish hair without adding weight or stripping - for fresh, clean, shiny hair. It's the perfect shampoo to remove build up and sweat! 
9. Dermalogica Breakout Control - Are you always waking up with small breakouts or have that 1 pimple that taunts you for days? Say hello to your new BFF - Breakout Control. This fast-absorbing gel contains natural antibacterial agents to help clear and prevent breakouts without over-drying the skin. 
10. Kerastase Chronologiste Revitalizing Shampoo - This shampoo is designed to deeply cleanse the hair. Using highly active ingredients, its deep purifying action cleanses scalp impurities and smoothes the hair fibre. It brings softness, shine and a velvet touch to your hair and can revitalize all types of hair! Not to mention it smells amazing, too.
Come in to any of our Eccotique locations to stock up for the school year. Can't make it in to any of our locations? That's okay - Shop online today!




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