Prepare for Spring with these 5 Changes to Your Skincare Routine

Prepare for Spring with these 5 Changes to Your Skincare Routine

Spring is before us, but before we can run out and start enjoying the sunnier, warmer weather, we should take a moment to prepare ourselves – particularly our skin. Of course, spring brings with it more sun; but with more sun exposure, we are more likely to incur potentially harmful UV damage. Prepare for spring with these 5 changes to your skincare routine, and welcome the warmer season without worry.

1. Start using a daily SPF 

If you have foregone a daily SPF during the winter season, which many do, be sure to start using a daily SPF as spring approaches. You can do so easily by:

  • Using a face-specific SPF underneath your makeup;
  • Using a physical sunblock by wearing mineral makeup;
  • Using a moisturizer with a built-in SPF

2. Start exfoliating 2-3 times per week

glo·therapeutics Brightening Exfoliating Polish 50mlExfoliating is an important part of a healthy skincare routine for several reasons. Especially if you haven't exfoliated over the winter season, you are likely experiencing dull, uneven skin with poor texture. This is due to a buildup of the outermost layer of your skin, called the Stratum Corneum. The healthiest skin has a thin Stratum Corneum that presents an even, glowing skin tone and penetrable layer so that your skincare products can reach the lower layers of your skin, boosting your collagen and producing that natural glow. 

For the best and healthiest-looking skin, it is recommended to exfoliate 2 to 3 times per week. You can use an exfoliating polish or scrub for a good mechanical exfoliation or, to make exfoliating quicker and simpler, we recommend using the Clarisonic Mia 2 cleansing device. You can keep it in the shower so you don't forget to exfoliate; just be sure to replace your cleansing brush regularly. 

3. Refresh your makeup kit

glo·minerals Liquid Foundation Satin Do a spring cleaning on your makeup kit and get rid of old makeup, particularly foundation, mascara, and broken palettes. We recommend refreshing your makeup kit with a new foundation like glo·minerals Liquid Foundation Satin with the correct spring/summer coverage and tone for you. Note: Be sure to give your makeup brushes a solid wash to reduce the risk of transferring bacteria to your new spring makeup. Get a better clean with a professional brush cleaning product.

4. Prepare your skin with a Dermalogica facial

In our last blog post, we talked about reviving the skin just in time for spring with one of our 3 Dermalogica facials. Allowing you to customize the treatment to your needs, you can choose from the Dermalogica Microzones, full facial, or IonActive. These treatments will address your specific skin challenges and get you back on track for the sunnier season. 

5. Switch up your moisturizer

A spring/summer specific moisturizer is necessary for the new season – because your skin deserves better than a one-product-fits-all-season scenario. With the warmer, sunnier days and higher humidity, your skin doesn't require quite as much moisture as it did over winter. Therefore, switch up your current, heavy moisturizer with something lighter and mattifying to control summer oils. If you prefer to simplify, look for a moisturizer with built-in SPF. 

With a few subtle changes to your skincare routine, you'll find that spring and summer make you glow like never before – and not just because of the additional freckles and deeper skin tone.