Something for Every Curl

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Kerastase’s Curl Manifesto line. The line is composed of 7 products and has been carefully curated to benefit every type of curl. The smell is light and sweet as every product contains manuka honey. Each product also contains ceramides to help smooth the hair, promote elasticity and moisture retention. Its light enough for wavy hair while still maintaining the curl, it gives the perfect amount of hydration for super coily hair as well. 

The first two products are the Gentle Hydrating Creamy Shampoo and Moisture Replenishing Conditioner. They both contain manuka honey and ceramides that hydrate and soften the hair. Lightweight hydration benefits every curl type as this doesn’t weight the natural curl down, instead giving it more bounce. The shampoo cleanses the scalp of all product build-up and impurities while simultaneously preserving the natural oils to allow the hair to grow. The conditioner infuses each curl with moisture and gently detangles. This increases the curl body and bounce and keeps the frizz away!

If your looking for something a little heavier or a once a week treatment the Nourishing Mask will be your new go-to! It’s extra rich which reinforces damaged and brittle hair which prevents breakage. It does this by reconstructing the fiber from within. You’re hair will be 2 times shinier and you’ll notice immediate anti-frizz and humidity protection. You can leave this treatment in for 5 minutes or up until 30 minutes for the deepest reparative properties. 

If you are someone with level 2 curls – wavy to curly hair in need of lightweight hydration or for level 3 curls – very curl hair that’s in need of hydration you can use the Second Day Curl Refreshing Spray or the Daily Moisturizing Frizz-Reducing Leave-in Treatment. The Spray is extremely lightweight that rehydrates, revitalizes and reactivates the natural curl. It enhances the bounce and volume while enhancing shine and promoting anti-frizz. The aroma also consists of manuka honey. The Leave-In Treatment is a daily cream that reduces frizz and smoothes the hair with intense hydration. It also detangles and has heat protection up to 230 degrees. It preserves the natural curl and shields the hair from up to 80% humidity. 

For level 4 curls – coily hair in need of intense hydration you can go with any of the above OR the Nourishing Multi-Use Scalp and Hair Oil. It can be used in different steps of the hair and scalp routine depending on how much moisture you would like. It defines the curl and enhances shine as well as promoting anti frizz properties. 

Lastly, for all levels of curl we have the Enhancing Defining Gel-Cream. This product has the hydration of a cream but the hold of a gel for 24 hour frizz control. It gives the hair shape and definition with no crunch. It enhances the shine and gives great manageability. To apply, take 2 pumps and scrunch the mids and ends of your hair, you can then either let your hair air dry or use a diffuser to get the perfect amount of bounce!

Stop by your local Eccotique to chat about your hair concerns or pick up some new product! We would love to have you!