Spring Clean your Skincare

Spring has sprung! Flowers are coming out, its lighter for longer. All things are good! However, all this comes with some major spring cleaning feelings. Today we are going to talk about how to clean up your skin care cabinet to keep your skin looking its best. 


All those beautiful skin care bottles look amazing on display. But this isn’t always the best idea when it comes to product potency. Temperature and light exposure can play a role in how quickly your product expires and how efficient it works. Heat and light causes products to breakdown, separate or oxidize. If a product has a very active ingredient, it can become less effective if it is exposed to sunlight.

  • Store products at room temperature in a cabinet, drawer or a box with a lid
  • Some products benefit from being refrigerated such as serums and moisturizers. Keep in mind that products are lipid based will solidify in the fridge. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are great serums to refrigerate, and it’s so soothing to apply a cold serum onto your skin!


Expirations are a pretty standard thing for us with food, but did you know your skincare also has a best before date? Not all products have an actual listed expiry date on them, but products do have what we call a Period After Opening (PAO) date on them. You can find the PAO on the back of the bottle, usually near the bottom and it will look like a small container with the lid open which will usually have a number followed by the letter “M”. The letter “M” stands for months, and the number beside it is the number of months after opening the product that it is good for. My advice is to write an expiry date on your product after you open it. So, if your bottle says 6M and the date you open it is January 1st, then it would expire July 1st. 


  • Change in texture of your product, thicker or waterier. It can be grainy when you put it on your skin
  • Funny smell or change in odor of product
  • If the product has separated
  • If your skin becomes irritated or red after using it when it did not before


Now that you have gotten rid of a bunch of expired product it is time to treat yourself. Come into Eccotique for a spring cleaning for your skin. It’s great to talk to a skin care therapist so that you can be using all the products to suit your skincare needs as they come. What you used last year, you may not necessarily need this year. Getting a facial will clean out your skin, but will also help set the tone for your future skin care goals. 

Did I mention you get 15% off product when you come in for a service?