Which is right for you?

One of our most popular products is Dermalogica Calm Water Gel! It sells out in just a few days every time we are restocked, so were going to tell you about another excellent option – Dermalogica Cooling Aqua Jelly.

The Cooling Aqua Jelly is from the teen Clear Start line. Despite that, it is a jelly based moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated, similar to the Calm Water Gel. It too has a weightless feel and contains hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture. Not only that but it’s a great option for oily skin as well as dry skin! This is because it has a retinol-like bioflavonoid complex that reduces excess oil and refines the skin. It also contains antioxidant’s that calm and brighten the skin. 

The Calm Water Gel is a weightless water-gel moisturizer. It’s refreshing and gives the skin an incredible amount of hydration. Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin to lock in all the moisture. 

Both can be used as your moisturizer or they can be used before you apply your daily moisturizer if you struggle with really dehydrated skin!