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Self Care 101

Y O U  A R E  N O T  A L O N E  M A M A

You read the title of this blog and probably rolled your eyes thinking, "who has time for that" or thought to yourself "I don't have the budget for that" am I right? One of the many reasons I absolutely love Eccotique and the culture behind it, is because of how we make sure you are being good to yourself. Our tagline is "be good to yourself so you can be good to others" and its so t r u e. There were many times I caught myself coming home after a long few weeks of working and being a mama that I eventually realized... "When was the last time I had a girls night, alone time or even just a date night with my husband?!" Actually I lied! My husband is way better at calling me out on this because I just go, go, go until i actually burn out. Most of the time our loved ones see a burnout coming in before we can even realize it ourselves. It effects our loved ones and unfortunately those people are the ones who have to deal with us the most when are at our lowest. In an instant, it hits me like a ton of bricks; That is why I've been so **fill in the blank** lately....


Here at Eccotique we offer a wide variety of services that will fit your budget, whatever that may be. ($-$$$) Without sounding to "sale-sy" these are the facts


 -When you book 3 or more services, you get 15% off A  L  L of your services

-If you are a part of our b e a u t y with benefits program; we load you up with samples, education, discounted services, f r e e services & Gift Cards...yeah a $50 gift card when you reach 1,000 points!

-We offer b o n u s points to get you to your rewards faster. Such as; purchasing a daily feature product, pre-booking your next appointment, trying a new service and more.

-You always get 15% off a n y retail when you have an appointment with us

So mama, I challenge you. Be good to yourself. To start, choose at least three of these things on the self care challenge list to reconnect and fill your cup. Then, book a couple of services at your local Eccotique.
I guarantee, you wont regret it. 

Self Care Challenge: How To Be Good To Yourself
1. Morning Affirmations
2. Make your bed each morning
3. Go for a walk outside
4. Give yourself a facial morning or night
5. Stretch for 10 minutes
6. Visit a new coffee shop/store in your area
7. Unplug from social media and open a book for 1 hour 
8. Skip the sugar
9. Schedule at least 2 times a week to go for coffee/walk with a girlfriend
10. Book a manicure and pedicure at Eccotique!

C  L  I  C  K   H  E  R  E   T  O   B  O  O  K    Y  O  U  R   A  P  P  O  I  N  T  M  E  N  T  S


Chelsey Acciarresi

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