<center>Women's Day - All About Eccotique

Women's Day - All About Eccotique

A day to never forget, a day founded by women & for women. Not familiar with it? This day began in the early 1900's, accelerating women's equality. "To celebrate us and all our achievements in the social, cultural, political and economic world." And today, we stand together raising awareness of women's equality. So sisters, encourage one another, stand up for one another, fight for one another and simply, l o v e one another. In honor of Women’s Day we're gonna dive into our Brand and how Eccotique was born and raised...hint hint #werunthisworld and what Eccotique means. 

  e c c o - t i k  =  ecology & boutique

The Eccotique name comes from the words: Ecology and Boutique combined. Ecology, represents our understanding and appreciation for our connections to one another and the importance of self-care so we can be at our best - for each other. A boutique is a small shop or company that offers specialized services and products. The exclusive blend of sought out luxury retail product brands creates the perfect combination of lifestyle and service which creates a truly unique spa boutique experience unlike anywhere else. At Eccotique Spa and Salon, we know how important it is to be good to yourself and sometimes it's just those little things in life that make a big impact. Our ‘everyday-spa’ like environment offers our guests the opportunity to easily put aside time for self-care within the hustle & bustle of everyday work and family life. 

"be good to yourself so you can be good to others"

m e e t  m i l a j n e // owner & president of the megahair family. Purchased the company from her dad in 2008. Milajne has raised two kids while building this company. Check out our youtube video ↓ b e l o w ↓ to here more!


some other incredible boss babes within our company...


Happy International Women's Day ladies, here's to another
year supporting our sisters!
Chelsey Acciarresi

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